Walking the Shadowlands - Moehau Man
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51M • 24/6 2019

Moehau Man

When I started researching NZ cryptids, my plan was to produce only one episode. I honestly was unaware of how many cryptids NZ had, apart from the Taniwha, that pretty much every single New Zealander has at least heard of, in one capacity or another. So I was really shocked to discover how many we have, and I realised that one episode would not do them justice in the least. I also learned that some of our cryptids have much in common with many others worldwide. Throughout the world there are stories and legends of huge, hairy, ape-like creatures that have persisted over the centuries, through retellings of cultural myths and legends, and of actual reported sightings of such creatures. These beings go by many different names. In North America, they are called Sasquatch, or the more common name of Bigfoot. Across the ditch in Aussie, they are called the Yowie. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/walking-the-shadowlands/message

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