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“Scam Goddess is a podcast dedicated to fraud and all those who practice it! Each week host Laci Mosley (aka Scam Goddess) keeps listeners up to date on current rackets, digs deep into the latest scams, and breaks down historic hoodwinks alongside some of your favorite comedians! It's like true crime only without all the death! True fun crime!”

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The 90's Bank Bamboozlers with Jojo T. Gibbs
24/8 2021

The 90's Bank Bamboozlers with Jojo T. Gibbs

What's poppin con-gregation? Jojo T. Gibbs joins us for our100th episodeas we discuss one of the biggest bank fraud schemes in history. Plus, someone posing as actor Colin Firth scams three Italian women out of thousands of pounds. Stay Schemin'! Also, get 30% off all Scam Goddess Podswag merch. Go to and use promo code SCAM30 at checkout. Offer ends on 8.30.21 so get it now! SOURCES [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!OmSQvNBWdg9-vj10uHJESFMTNXb4x_ROKgv4goakhSx5NqW7_cOyGhtKd8yslw$] [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!OmSQvNBWdg9-vj10uHJESFMTNXb4x_ROKgv4goakhSx5NqW7_cOyGht49D-ijQ$] [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!OmSQvNBWdg9-vj10uHJESFMTNXb4x_ROKgv4goakhSx5NqW7_cOyGhu0ctRCHQ$] [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!OmSQvNBWdg9-vj10uHJESFMTNXb4x_ROKgv4goakhSx5NqW7_cOyGhvxrek8bA$] [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!OmSQvNBWdg9-vj10uHJESFMTNXb4x_ROKgv4goakhSx5NqW7_cOyGhuqz5JWIA$]

Camp Chaos with Behzad Dabu
17/8 2021

Camp Chaos with Behzad Dabu

What's poppin' con-gregation? Actor Behzad Dabu joins us to discuss how one summer camp shut down after 6 days of opening and is being referred to as the "Fyre Fest" of summer camps. Plus, a woman steals from a Walmart just by pretending to be a manager. Stay Schemin'! Research by Kaeyln Brandt. Sources: [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!O_UkIthKyue0oi8rBDx40Mr3YupiI24TjHzWqooCdIbkKf7ZtskSeYtYmEPZqQ$] [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!O_UkIthKyue0oi8rBDx40Mr3YupiI24TjHzWqooCdIbkKf7ZtskSeYtdjDQx2A$] [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!O_UkIthKyue0oi8rBDx40Mr3YupiI24TjHzWqooCdIbkKf7ZtskSeYsBRDFdsg$] [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!O_UkIthKyue0oi8rBDx40Mr3YupiI24TjHzWqooCdIbkKf7ZtskSeYuAec9Nbg$] [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!O_UkIthKyue0oi8rBDx40Mr3YupiI24TjHzWqooCdIbkKf7ZtskSeYs3oAzmBw$] [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!O_UkIthKyue0oi8rBDx40Mr3YupiI24TjHzWqooCdIbkKf7ZtskSeYtBk2nJgA$] [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!O_UkIthKyue0oi8rBDx40Mr3YupiI24TjHzWqooCdIbkKf7ZtskSeYtgL7dzHQ$] [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!O_UkIthKyue0oi8rBDx40Mr3YupiI24TjHzWqooCdIbkKf7ZtskSeYsdYfzAXg$] [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!O_UkIthKyue0oi8rBDx40Mr3YupiI24TjHzWqooCdIbkKf7ZtskSeYtgI5qePw$] [;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!O_UkIthKyue0oi8rBDx40Mr3YupiI24TjHzWqooCdIbkKf7ZtskSeYvO9-0mTQ$]

Top Chef All-Scam Edition with Angela Davis aka The Kitchenista
10/8 2021

Top Chef All-Scam Edition with Angela Davis aka The Kitchenista

What's poppin' con-gregation? This week, we have Angela "The Kitchenista" Davis discussing Darius "Crooks" Williams, a chef blogger accused of shady business practices, assault and plagiarizing recipes. Plus, a man is out $30 million, after building a section of "Trump's" border wall and ending up with no buyers. Content Warning:  Physical and sexual assault is mentioned in this episode. Please take care of yourself while listening.

1h 2m