Can My Divorce Be Better? | Attorney & Author Gabrielle Hartley

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Can My Divorce Be Better? | Attorney & Author Gabrielle Hartley

New York Matrimonial Law Expert, Divorce Coach & Mediator Gabrielle Hartley, Esq. joins Laura to discuss her brand new book “Better Apart: A Radically New Way To Separate.” In the book, Gabrielle presents a unique perspective on divorce that resonates with Laura. The two attorneys discuss the emerging trends in modern divorce and share strategies anyone contemplating divorce, or anyone in the midst of a dissolution, can apply in their own process. Gabrielle reveals what inspired her to write the new book, and she breaks down how breathing, meditation, and being mindfully present can help clear the way for an amicable settlement. PLUS, you’ll hear tips that can help you focus on forgiveness even in the toughest of situations, co-parenting and how to resolve conflict. On the Sunny Side Up Report, LAW and Johnnie highlight this week’s divorce stories with seven movies & TV shows that tackle divorce and get it RIGHT, Katie Perry’s quotes about marriage and divorce, and 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Dos Santos Lima's divorce party… at Las Vegas strip club Crazy Horse!? Learn more about your ad-choices at []See [] for privacy information.

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