Surviving El Chapo: The Twins Who Brought Down A Drug Lord

Surviving El Chapo: The Twins Who Brought Down A Drug Lord

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Season 2 coming soon! Speaking publicly for the first time ever, Chicago-born identical twins Jay and Peter Flores share the incredible story of how they went from dealing $2 billion worth of drugs across the country as North America’s most successful cocaine traffickers, to government informants who brought down the infamous drug lord, “El Chapo.” Forever taunted by the gnawing question of “Did we do the right thing?” the brothers’ decision has cost them permanent exile from each other, their father’s life, 14 years in prison, and a life sentence of always looking over their shoulder, waiting for their enemies to take revenge. Was it all worth it? Hosted and executive produced by award-winning artist and producer Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson and broadcaster and journalist Charlie Webster. Brought to you by Lionsgate Sound as a world exclusive with iHeartPodcasts. 

Los últimos episodios

Episode 12 - Escape
After nine months of recording calls and feeding information to the DEA, Jay and Pete are given two hours to get their lives in order before being taken by US agents. As they make their way to the US, their families are left behind, scrambling in a desperate flee to get out of Mexico. All episodes are available now. See [] for privacy information.
1 h 15 min - 21 dic 2022
Episode 11 - Recording El Chapo
The twins ramp up their cooperation with the US government and start recording incriminating calls. But there’s one piece of evidence that the twins need to be able secure their deal: to get El Chapo on tape. All episodes are available now. See [] for privacy information.
43 min - 14 dic 2022
Episode 10 - Negotiating with Fugitives
Pete and Vivianna meet Jay and Val in their bathroom in an attempt to figure out a plan to turn their lives around. Before they can get any taste of freedom, they must convince their attorney and the US government to work with them. All episodes are available now. See [] for privacy information.
50 min - 07 dic 2022

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