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Free yourself so you and your family can live a self-directed life that resonates with your beliefs and aspirations.  Cecilie & Jesper Conrad, parents to 4, have been full-time traveling since 2018 &  unschooling for +10 years. Every Thursday, they host insightful conversations with their expert guests, exploring topics such as Personal Freedom, Parenting, Unschooling, Traveling, Money, Personal Development, and what it means to live a self-directed life.Tune in weekly for a refreshing dose of inspiration and practical wisdom. And witness the Conrads' unwavering commitment to living life on their own terms. 

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#57 - Lucy Aitkenread | Being a parent is a gateway to Self-Discovery: A Journey Towards Community, Connection, and Healing
When Lucy AitkenRead swapped the serenity of her yurt for the lively hum of town life, it wasn't just a change of scenery—it was a pivotal shift in her family's journey. Our conversation with Lucy delves into how this move, prompted by a craving for community and connection, wasn't solely for her children's benefit. It also marked a turning point in her own healing process, intertwining the principles of unschooling with the intricate dance of parental self-discovery. Throughout this episode, we peel back the layers of how our own growth as parents deeply influences the unschooled environment, fostering a space where learning and growth can flourish organically for our entire families. This episode takes you through the ebbs and flows of self-development, where the practicalities of daily life meet the profound. We explore the 'rhythm method' of healing and the wisdom in embracing the cycles of personal growth, finding spirituality in the simplicity of peanut butter sandwiches, and the mindfulness of our everyday tasks. It's about discovering the extraordinary within the ordinary and understanding that our spiritual journey can be rooted in the very essence of our day-to-day existence. Together with Lucy, we discuss how these subtle shifts in perception can transform not just our approach to unschooling but the way we navigate all facets of our life. Embracing life's seasons and the transformations that come with them, this episode is a heart-to-heart on the different 'faces' we encounter. We share personal narratives of self-improvement, from conquering annoyance to making life-altering decisions like quitting drinking, and consider how these choices reflect in our relationships and well-being.  🗓️ Recorded January 22nd, 2023. 📍Playa Dorada, Lengüeta Arenosa, Baja California, Mexico Connect with Lucy AitkenRead * Unschooling course: []  * Blog: []  * Facebook: []  * Instagram: []  Support the show [] PODCAST INFO Podcast website: [] YouTube Full Episodes: [] Apple Podcasts: [] Spotify: [] RSS: [] SUPPORT & CONNECT Support on Patreon: [] Share a review: [] Instagram: [] Facebook: [] Twitter: []
53 min - 28. feb. 2024
#56 - Jessica Jacobs | Ditchschool: Passion-Driven Learning and Early College Experience
Ditch School, where unschooling meets early college, challenging educational norms. Jessica Jacobs is the founder of Ditch School. Jessica's sons' quest for knowledge led them beyond the confines of traditional schooling to embrace unschooling, paired with early college experiences. She challenges the status quo, advocating for education that aligns with a child’s curiosity and passion rather than rigid curricula. Our discussion sheds light on the flexibility and innovation at the heart of Ditch School, offering insights into how personalized learning paths can lead to remarkable outcomes. Jessica also touches on the practicalities of blending unschooling with academic goals, the importance of mentorship, and fostering a community where children can thrive on their own terms. At Ditchschool, students are empowered to lead their learning journeys, exploring beyond textbooks to find their passions and potential in the real world. 🗓️ Recorded January 21st, 2023. 📍Playa Dorada, Lengüeta Arenosa, Baja California, Mexico Episode links *  [] * [] Support the show [] PODCAST INFO Podcast website: [] YouTube Full Episodes: [] Apple Podcasts: [] Spotify: [] RSS: [] SUPPORT & CONNECT Support on Patreon: [] Share a review: [] Instagram: [] Facebook: [] Twitter: []
1 h 1 min - 21. feb. 2024
#55 - Sandra Dodd | The Unforeseen Benefits of Unschooling - Healing past traumas
Unschooling profoundly impacts both children and parents. For many parents, the process of deschooling themselves is a journey of personal growth and healing. By allowing your children to thrive free from academic pressures, you also foster a unique space for parental reflection and development. Together with Sandra Dodd, we delve into 'The Unforeseen Benefits of Unschooling: Healing Past Traumas.' Sandra draws intriguing parallels between the care we offer to our children and the nurturing we extend to ourselves. We uncover how embracing the unschooling philosophy can lead to a harmonious existence that respects natural growth and learning rhythms. Join us in this episode as we explore not just an educational alternative but a gateway to a more compassionate and authentic way of living. 🗓️ Recorded January 17th, 2023. 📍Playa Dorada, Lengüeta Arenosa, Baja California, Mexico Episode links: * Website:  [] * Daily inspiration, online or by e-mail: Just Add Light and Stir [] Links for articles and thoughts on the internet, unschooling, and videogames * [] * [] * [] * [] * [] * [] Support the show [] PODCAST INFO Podcast website: [] YouTube Full Episodes: [] Apple Podcasts: [] Spotify: [] RSS: [] SUPPORT & CONNECT Support on Patreon: [] Share a review: [] Instagram: [] Facebook: [] Twitter: []
1 h 13 min - 14. feb. 2024

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