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The Procurement Podcast is brought to you by Andy Franks and Christophe Barriere-Varju, two passionate procurement professionals. Join us as we seek to uncover techniques and best practices from leading Procurement Executives and CxO of some of the largest and complex private and public organisations around the world. As we ask the questions, these executives will present some of the challenges and approaches they have used to unlock some of their most difficult decisions across their organisations. From insights to best practices, and from common sense approaches to specific methodologies, all will be revealed right here, on The Procurement Podcast. 

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Episode 014: MECLA - Reducing Embodied Carbon in the Building & Construction Industry with Monica Richter and Hudson Worsley
Reducing Embodied Carbon in the Building & Construction Industry with Monica Richter and Hudson Worsley. In this episode of the Procurement Podcast, Andy Franks and Christophe Barriere-Varju speak with Monica Richter and Hudson Worsley to introduce MECLA and the purpose of the Alliance. MECLA stands for Materials & Embodied Carbon Leaders' Alliance which is a collaboration of organisations that have come together to drive reductions in embodied carbon in the building and construction industry. MECLA seeks to align with the Paris Agreement [] targets and principles of the circular economy and recognise that the building and construction sector is a complex ecosystem. As you listen to this podcast we will touch on some of the key MECLA initiatives such as: 1. Demonstrating a clear demand and activating supply of low embodied carbon materials. 2. Developing common language for design specifications, procurement guidelines and tendering criteria as standard practice for government agencies and companies. 3. Better understanding and/or developing where appropriate benchmarking tools, measurements, implementation guides and practice notes, such as EPDs, LCAs, BIMs, definitions, principles and simplifying tools. 4. Knowledge sharing through best practice education, case studies, myth-busting, demonstrations, and supporting innovation in materials and processes as part of a pre-competitive approach. 5. Helping to manage industry’s climate transition risks, risks associated with adopting innovative materials and the required skills development. 6. Focussing on priority materials; steel, cement and concrete, and aluminium due to their carbon intensity. A must-listen podcast on this extremely important topic for our planet. For more information or to participate in the MECLA initiative, please contact Monica Richter at Disclaimer: BvW Global [] and its director Christophe Barriere-Varju (Co-host of the Procurement Podcast) is a founding Partner of MECLA. About Monica RichterMonica Richter is an economist and social ecologist with extensive experience in environmental sustainability with an interest in the role of business in accelerating the uptake of low and zero carbon solutions. Recent career highlights include establishing the Business Renewables Centre – Australia [], deep engagement in WWF’s PandaLabs Innovation Program [], and running the Science Based Targets Initiative [] in Australia, getting companies to set ambitious long term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets aligned with a 2oc/1.5oC pathway, in partnership with Global Compact Network Australia [].Monica recently collaborated with the NSW government and Lendlease to launch reports on the need to tackle embodied carbon in the building and construction industry and Materials Embodied Carbon Leaders’ Alliance (MECLA). Monica is a thought leader and has been invited to participate in many forums and conferences as both a speaker and a chair. Monica is a graduate of the Future Directors program, a Board Member of the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council [], Chair of the Mercury Centre collaborative enterprise catalyst [], and board member of Pingala []. Monica Richter on LinkedIn []. About Hudson WorsleyHudson Worsley is a co-founder of the sustainability consultancy Presync [], specialising in innovative energy solutions for the property sector, climate mitigation and adaptation. His career started as a management consultant with Arthur Andersen’s utilities team before the sustainability bug bit, and he then worked inside TransGrid's Risk and Audit Team before moving into sustainability in the development industry. He has led the sustainability team in Stockland’s residential business and in 2015 he led and wrote the City of Sydney’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. Hudson has worked in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, and holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business and Masters of Environmental Management. He led the work for Presync to become a certified BCorp [] in 2017. In 2020, Hudson co-authored The Time is Now: Decarbonising Building and Construction Materials []. This stakeholder research laid the foundation for the formation of MECLA, of which he is chair. Hudson Worsley on LinkedIn []. About the Procurement PodcastThis episode is brought to you by the Procurement Podcast, with Andy Franks [] (BrightSky ClearMind []) and Christophe Barriere-Varju [] (BvW Globa []l), two passionate Procurement Consultant Professionals. Think your colleagues might be interested? Please share this Procurement Podcast!
48 min - 15. apr. 2021
Episode 013: How to Focus Procurement Activities with Jody Rowe
How to Focus Procurement Activities with Jody Rowe. With years of expertise in the Oil & Gas industry, Jody Rowe is the CEO of both Rowe Advisory [] (resource advisory firm) and Promitheia Procurement, [] providing procurement online solutions that support procurement professionals. Jody shares her views about how Covid-19 forced businesses to better manage risks and into the obvious cost reduction activities and why any Procurement activities should start with a good plan. With Covid-19 raising the profile of Procurement it has also highlighted the need for strong governance with the focus on the essential of having a good "Procurement Plan" in order to focus resources on high value / high risk spend -- and the importance of getting the basics right. It has raised the profile of businesses to manage risk, whether it's supply chain risk, or managing contracts to get that value out of it. Andy Franks (Procurement Podcast Co-Host) enquires as to where Procurement should sit in an organisation and its implications regarding how the procurement is regarded. Christophe Barriere-Varju (Procurement Podcast Co-Host) asks whether companies have gained or lost productivity with allowing remote work.A fascinating interview with plenty of good insights to be gained for all procurement professionals, from entry levels to career long professionals. About Jody RoweJody is an accomplished specialist in the resources sector over 30 years’ experience gaining a strategic view of the market, its needs and opportunities for growth and continuous cost improvements. A current Non-Executive Director for Strike Energy Limited and previous work experience includes senior Commercial roles in Australia and the United Kingdom working with organizations such as BG Group-QGC, Santos, Rio Tinto and Barrick Gold with particular focus and activity on mega projects GLNG and QCLNG and large scale mining operations. A subject matter expert and tactical adviser for business development, contracts, procurement, tenders, negotiations and reviews where risk is significant. A strength is the conceptual and analytical ability to deal with ambiguity and complexity that often accompanies high profile projects and companies. Jody is a strong advocate for the Contracts and Procurement profession, Local Content, Women’s networking and Emerging Talent, presenting at APPEA [] September 2013, Major Construction Conference October 2013 and Oil and Gas Procurement Leaders November 2013.Jody is the Chief Executive Officer of Rowe Advisory [] and Promitheia Procurement []. Jody Rowe on LinkedIn []. About the Procurement PodcastThis episode is brought to you by the Procurement Podcast, with Andy Franks [] (BrightSky ClearMind []) and Christophe Barriere-Varju [] (BvW Globa []l), two passionate Procurement Consultant Professionals. Think your colleagues might be interested? Please share this Procurement Podcast!
34 min - 15. apr. 2021
Episode 012: Using Procurement Collaboration to Improve an Organization with Paul McCarthy
Using Procurement Collaboration to Improve an Organization with Paul McCarthy. Paul McCarthy talks about buying products and services in a way that is effective, not necessarily cheap, but the best for your company, the best for right now, and the best for the future. Paul talks about a huge procurement knowledge gap that began with procurement employees that began their career post the 2008-09 financial crisis. With 10 years of expertise to 2019-2020, and a market now in decline, the focus is still buying as cheap as possible, but at the same time this approach expedites the decline of the market in the paper industry due to poor(er) profitability of its participants. And with COVID-19 coming along, the decline of the market has been even more dramatic. McCarthy regularly challenges his organization to look for everything and anything that is other than magazines and newspapers. He regular asks his staff -- quote -- "find ways to replace plastic with paper, don't ask children, ask your parents. Remember when fish was wrapped in paper not plastic?" Only by adopting a collaborative approach, paradigm shifts can occur, new uses of products can be identified and keep organizations alive. Finally, by ensuring all functions work in sync toward the same end goal -- and getting employees to buy into this paradigm shift, everyone should be able to sell the organisation. About Paul McCarthyManaging Director SCA Graphic Paper UK Limited. Driving sustainability in print and paper from the forest to the office. SCA £10.7bn turnover brands include GraphoCote, GraphoInvent and GraphoNews. McCarthy has spent 12 years in paper sales, most recently as publishing sales manager at Sappi Fine Paper Europe. Prior to joining the paper trade he worked in magazine production and was commercial production manager at Condé Nast. Paul McCarthy on LinkedIn []. About the Procurement PodcastThis episode is brought to you by the Procurement Podcast [], with Andy Franks (BrightSky ClearMind []) and Christophe Barriere-Varju (BvW Global []), two passionate Procurement Consultant Professionals. Think your colleagues might be interested? Please share this Procurement Podcast!
46 min - 27. okt. 2020

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