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The Radio Vagabond

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Palle Bo is a long time radioproducer who has sold his house, car and all of his furniture so he could travel around the world. He has an ambition to visit every country in the world and you can join his trip in this podcast. Come along as he meet the locals and experience Palle's excitements and concerns regarding the life as digital nomad. 

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THE GAMBIA: Luxury in the Jungle (Flashback)
Join me in a luxurious place in a jungle in the little West African country, The Gambia. See pictures and read the blog post here [].
42 min - I går
281 SEVEN DIGITALE NOMADS (6:7): Eureka Memories That Sealed the Deal
Imagine a life where work and adventure seamlessly blend, and you can explore the world while building a successful career. That's the power of being a digital nomad! In this episode, I had the pleasure of (again) chatting with seven incredible individuals who have embraced this nomadic lifestyle, and this time they have unforgettable memories to share. It's the enchantment of swimming beside a blind elephant in the heart of Thailand, the intrigue of being caught in the spotlight of a reality show tailor-made for globetrotters, and the unexpected camaraderie found with not one but two fearless Albanian grannies. How about forming friendships with locals from every corner of this spinning planet through stand-up comedy, and then, the spark of revelation at the moment the bulb over your head illuminates, revealing that the digital nomad life wasn't just a pipe dream? Also, prepare to be touched by the golden hearts of wanderers as they extend a hand to a struggling family in Manila. Hold your curiosity as we delve into the tale of a shaman in Peru, rendering aid to fellow souls on Ayahuasca ceremonies. Read the full article and see some pictures []– and start your journey towards the digital nomad lifestyle. NOMAD LINKS * Visit Jason Robinson's travel blog [] and follow him on Instagram as @TheNomadExperiment []. * Follow Nora Dunn’s YouTube channel [], with tips on travel and travel gear, her blog, TheProfessionalHobo []and on Instagram as @TheProfessionalHobo []. * Follow travel writer on his blog “ShaunBusuttil [].com“ and on Instagram as @TheShaunBusuttil []. * Chris Cerra's email newsletter, [], for the best accommodation deals for digital nomads. Use promo code VAGA20 to get 20% off on his Premium Newsletter forever. He’s @nomadaccommodationguy [] on Instagram * Check out Mr. Derek Smith’s website on public speaking []. He’s @Mr_Derek_Smith [] on Instagram. * Check out Ranika Koneru's company, Cloud Connections [], for inspiring group travel experiences to the world's greatest festivals. She’s on Instagram as @RainbowRani_ [] * Explore Gianni Bianchini’s travel blog, Nomad Is Beautiful [], YouTube channel [], and podcast [] for digital nomad advice and insights. On Instagram as @Gianni.Bianchini []. * Connect with Palle Bo on YouTube [], LinkedIn [], Facebook [], and twitter []. See all the links here [applewebdata://07774225-F449-40AB-B7CB-E3ECFA8ED0C9/lt]
32 min - 19. sep. 2023
ALBANIA: Meet My Albanian Friend (Flashback)
Join me in Tirana, Albania, as I make a local friend. This episode was first released in September 2020.
32 min - 15. sep. 2023

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