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Palle Bo is a long time radioproducer who has sold his house, car and all of his furniture so he could travel around the world. He has an ambition to visit every country in the world and you can join his trip in this podcast. Come along as he meet the locals and experience Palle's excitements and concerns regarding the life as digital nomad. 

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294 RIO DE JANEIRO: Top 7 Must-Visit Attractions for the Ultimate Experience
Discover the vibrant wonders of Rio de Janeiro with me on The Radio Vagabond! In this episode, we explore the top 7 things to see and do in Rio:  1. Christ the Redeemer: Embrace the panoramic views from Corcovado Mountain.   2. Sugarloaf Mountain: Experience cinematic vistas and spy-worthy thrills.   3. Copacabana Beach: Dive into a Brazilian beach fiesta with sun, sand, and samba beats.   4. Ipanema: Where Bossa Nova meets bikinis – a lifestyle by the ocean's sway.   5. Tijuca National Park: Nature's gym for the adventurous soul amidst urban rainforests.   6. Selarón Steps: Climb a stairway of colourful surprises, a mosaic masterpiece.   7. Maracanã Stadium: Immerse in football history at the legendary stadium.   Explore more of Rio's magic on The Radio Vagabond podcast and on YouTube.
8 min - I går
SLOVAKIA: Life in a hostel i “Partyslava” (Flashback)
In this episode of The Radio Vagabond, I visited Bratislava and worried how he would stay in a hostel with 20-something backpackers. I also had a chat with one of the locals about the Soviet times. See pictures and read the blog post here:
29 min - 01. mar. 2024
293 RIO DE JANEIRO: A City Alive with Passion and Resilience
In this episode, we start at the iconic Maracanã Stadium, the beating heart of Brazil's football culture, sets the stage for an exploration into the soul of Rio de Janeiro.  The Maracanã Stadium stands as an emblem of Brazil's passion for football, a colossal structure nestled amidst the vibrant energy of Rio de Janeiro. Its storied history includes hosting iconic matches, such as Brazil's devastating loss in the 1950 World Cup final and Pele's memorable goals. With a seating capacity of over 78,000, it serves as a testament to the nation's enduring love affair with the beautiful game. As we step into this hallowed ground, we are enveloped by the echoes of cheers and chants, feeling the pulse of a city that breathes football.  Then we visit a favela, where I have a captivating chat with Adam Powers Newman, a true force in the favela community of Rio de Janeiro. Adam shares his passion for breaking down the barriers, allowing people to truly connect with these vibrant neighbourhoods. We dive deep into the challenges and misconceptions surrounding the favelas, exploring initiatives like the ecological park and co-living co-working spaces.  Join us as we navigate the colourful and intricate tapestry of the favela landscape [], discovering the untold stories, challenges, and the relentless positivity that defines these communities.  Adam Powers Newman, our guide through this cultural expedition, unveils the rich history of favelas, from their organic beginnings to the diverse and welcoming communities they are today. As we traverse the narrow streets and vibrant alleys, Adam shares his personal connection, shedding light on a side of Rio often overlooked.  Buckle up as we journey through the Maracanã's historical significance, wind through the favelas, and unveil the transformative initiatives shaping these unique neighbourhoods. Adam's dedication to reshaping the narrative around favelas and fostering positive change creates a compelling narrative that challenges preconceived notions and invites you to be a part of a more profound understanding.  Visit Favela INC [] for more information and how you can get involved and support the good work they do. To view photos of my trip visit [].
27 min - 27. feb. 2024

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