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Gravel racing. Welcome to Gravel racing with Mads Bang. The place to be if you are in to gravel racing. On this podcast, your host, Mads Bang, will dive deep into the world of gravel. Mads is a gravel racer himself. Not a pro, just a normal family man who loves gravel racing. On the podcast, you'll find episodes with interesting interviews of gravel pros, episodes about gravel bikes, and other gravel equipment, episode with event organisers, and much much more. This podcast is for everyone who likes gravel racing. No matter if you are a beginner or a hardcore gravel grinder. 

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The story of Lauf - An Icelandic bike brand - gravel in Iceland, building bike and much more | Ep. 3
Dive into the evolving world of gravel biking manufacturing in this captivating episode of Gravel Racing with Mads Bang. Our special guest on this episode is Óli, marketing director at the innovative Icelandic cycling brand Lauf. We take a closer look at Laufs unique approach to bike design, influenced heavily by the Icelandic landscape and the company's roots in mountain biking. Óli elaborates on the brand's innovative design philosophy, from their pioneering mountain bike forks to the development of their specialized gravel bikes. This episode is a interesting story about building a bike brand in a very competitive marked. About have the courage to do thing different and not being limited just because you come from a small island. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that not only sheds light on the world of gravel racing but also offers a unique perspective on bike manufacturing from a small yet passionate team in Iceland. It's an episode filled with inspiration, innovation, and a deep love for the sport of gravel racing. --- Send in a voice message:
41 min - 08. dec. 2023
Ted King: Gravel racing in the US and much more | Ep. 2
Dive into the captivating world of Ted King, a celebrated figure in both professional road and gravel cycling. In this episode, Ted delves into his rich journey in the cycling world, from his times with professional road racing teams to making a mark in gravel racing. As a professional cyclist, he rode for teams like Cervélo TestTeam and Cannondale–Garmin, showcasing his skills as a domestique and supporting cycling greats like Peter Sagan. As a gravel racer Ted King has won Dirty Kanza (now know as Unbound) two times and aims to do it again in 2024. Which is only a few of his accomplishments. He shares his experiences and challenges faced in transitioning from road to gravel racing. Ted also touches upon the importance of family life, balancing personal responsibilities with his cycling career. As a gravel racing pioneer, Ted shares insights on the sport's rise and where gravel racing is going. Beyond his cycling career, Ted gives us a glimpse into his family life, talking about traveling all over America in his van with his young family.  This podcast offers a unique blend of Ted's professional insights and personal anecdotes, making it a must-listen for cycling enthusiasts and those interested in the life of a sports professional. --- Send in a voice message:
1 h 1 min - 21. nov. 2023
Paul Voss: A Journey from Road to Gravel racing - Insights and Stories | Ep. 1
Gear up for an insightful episode of Gravel Racing with Mads Bang featuring the renowned gravel racer, Paul Voss. In this episode, we explore Paul's fascinating journey from the world of professional road racing to the adventurous realm of gravel racing. Paul shares his unique experiences and the challenges he faced during this transition, providing a rare glimpse into the life of a professional cyclist adapting to a new racing discipline. We dive into some of the most memorable races he has participated in this year, highlighting the thrills and spills of gravel racing. This episode is packed with invaluable advice for anyone looking to improve their gravel racing skills. From training techniques to race strategies, Paul offers tips and insights that are beneficial for both beginners and seasoned racers. We also discuss the future of gravel racing and its growing popularity in the cycling community. Join us for this engaging conversation with Paul Voss, where we uncover the essence of gravel racing and what it takes to excel in this challenging sport. Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or a professional racer, this episode is sure to provide inspiration and knowledge to fuel your passion for gravel racing. Link to Paul's Youtube channel: [] If you want to follow my gravel racing journey you will find my youtube channel here: [] Learn more here: [] Keywords: Paul Voss, Gravel Racing, Professional Cycling, Mads Bang, Gravel Racing Podcast, Gravel Tips,  Gravel Cycling Future. --- Send in a voice message:
45 min - 15. nov. 2023

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