Turned Out A Punk - Episode 308 - Alison Braun (Photographer)
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1T 8M • 31/1 2021

Episode 308 - Alison Braun (Photographer)

Mouse is in the house!!! One of the original documentarians of Souther California Hardcore is here: Alison “Mouse” Braun! Join Damian as he sits down with the legendary photographic contributor to MRR, Flipside, We Got The Power and more. From why she didn’t shoot Black Flag to introducing El Duce to her dad to why it took her years to finally get a usable shot of the Bad Brains to moving to Seattle just before the explosion and so much more! NOT TO BE MISSED! And don’t miss Alison’s amazing photography book available at alisonbraun.com [http://alisonbraun.com]!!!!!!!!!! Also touched on: Having to judge a book by it’s cover Record stores the loss of cover art Kiss and Cheap Trick Shady has the tickets! The Go-Go’s and the X and the Whisky Submitting to Flipside The Keith Morris versus Jello Biafra stage vibe Black Flag’s asshole roadie Police against punks under Daryl Gates Working for Mystic Records Doug Moody Shooting Battalion Of Saints “Your dad’s over there talking to El Duce” Seattle: the boring calm before the storm Never getting to shoot Nirvana B’last being the best band to shoot Not shooting Minor Threat Trying to get a still shot of the Bad Brains Stains Submitting punk photo for high school assignment AND TONS OF OTHER GOODNESS Brought to you by VANS!

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