The Procurement Podcast - Episode 004: Sustainable Procurement with Sarah Collins
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56M • 16/4 2019

Episode 004: Sustainable Procurement with Sarah Collins

Sustainable Procurement is a growing topic amongst most Australian organisations. Climate Change, Modern Slavery, Circular Economy, Reconciliation are some of the elements that fall within Sustainable Procurement. However, many people still do not clearly understand the business imperative that sits behind integrating sustainability into procurement and supply chain management practices. As the Head of Procurement at the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC), Sarah Collins is passionate about Procurement and Sustainable Procurement. If you are curious about this topic, please listen to Sarah on the Procurement Podcast as she discusses how to get started within your organisation -- including working alongside the ISO 20400 standards to tackle issues such as the environment, human rights, modern slavery, and other social and economic impacts over the entire procurement lifecycle.

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