Prince Andrew Accuser Blackmailer & “Probably” Prostitute:: Ghislaine Maxwell Publicist

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Prince Andrew Accuser Blackmailer & “Probably” Prostitute:: Ghislaine Maxwell Publicist

Attacks US v Maxwell Victims; Predicts Her Lawyers Will “Have a Field Day” with  Witnesses In a fiery statement, the publicist for convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell says he knows exactly where blame lies: The Me Too Movement for  “frightening governments” “This woman Virginia Roberts” Ambitious female judges Incompetent lawyers Greedy lawyers A “useless” Old Etonian The media British PR Supremo Brian Basham said on YouTube he started his business association with Ghislaine about 10 years through her Terra-Mar project. He is one of public faces her the Real Ghislaine campaign and is unapologetic about his role. “I refuse to call them victims,” he said of the minor victims in US v Maxwell. ”The lawyers will have a field day.” Mr Basham said Maxwell was 'naive' but didn't know anything about the Epstein crimes. The publicist, who once reportedly charged £50,000-a-week for PR counsel, said Judge Alison Nathan was biased against Maxwell and the US Justice system was “evil.” Brian Basham: the voice of Ghislaine Maxwell’s discontents. Keep up to date with the latest twists and turns in this Epstein investigation with The Prince and the Pervert Podcast. Support our work on Patreon for exclusive content from AU$3 a month. [] Find us: Twitter: @lisapodcasts and @ohreallytruly. Join the Prince and the Pervert Podcast Facebook group. Our website Everything Epstein in one place. More about Maxwell More about Prince Andrew

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