The Infectious Myth - The Infectious Myth -  David Healy on Medical Integrity
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58M • 29/0 2019

The Infectious Myth - David Healy on Medical Integrity

David discusses medical integrity with David Healy, a psychiatric researcher who is not afraid to speak his mind, such as in his books, “Let them eat Prozac” and “Pharmageddon”. They discuss the dismissal of Peter Gotzsche from the Cochrane Institute, that he helped found. This dismissal was partly due to Gotzsche’s insistence that meta-analyses of drugs, vaccines or other interventions, take all clinical trials into account, including the negative ones that pharmaceutical companies would rather were forgotten. The removal of Gotzsche was triggered when he criticized an HPV vaccine meta-analysis that included only about half the available data, and that concluded there were no problems with the vaccine.   You can find out more about David Healy and his work at    He is also involved with medical side effect reporting at and reports of antidepressant nightmares at

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