The Infectious Myth - The Infectious Myth - Trains
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45M • 16/3 2019

The Infectious Myth - Trains

David discusses his dark secret - his love for trains. He was stimulated to talk about high speed rail when someone proposed that maglev was a practical and better option, putting in front of him a technical paper that was actually thinly disguised advertising for a bankrupt (literally) maglev proposal. His opinion, you will find, is that we need high speed rail, and the best way to get it is to ignore the unproven, exotic technologies, and goes withh what works. It would be a massive upgrade to North American inter-city transportation systems.   The technical paper is available here:   David also discusses the attacks on former guest Chris Exley and his research on Aluminum, most controversially in vaccine adjuvants. A very biased article in The Sunday Times can be read here:

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