The Infectious Myth - The Infectious Myth - George Maschke on Polygraphs
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58M • 5/1 2019

The Infectious Myth - George Maschke on Polygraphs

David discusses polygraphs, also known as lie detectors, with George Maschke. He makes the case that they are merely pseudoscience in fancy packaging designed to make gullible people confess to their sins based on the belief that the devices are infallible. Not only are they fallible, but George believes that they can be reliably fooled by your response to the control question, if you are applying for a job that needs one, or are in some other situation where it is hard to refuse one. If you want to learn more, see Maschke’s site, which contains a lot of useful information, including the free e-book, “The Lie Behind the Lie Detector”:

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