It's Electric! The Electric Car Show with Afeez Kay - An Adventure Uncovered with James Wight
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29M • 28/1 2019

An Adventure Uncovered with James Wight

Welcome to the It’s Electric podcast hosted by the knowledgeable, fun-loving, clean energy supporting Afeez Kay. The level of knowledge you currently have about electric vehicles doesn’t matter. At the end of each It’s Electric episode, you will know ten times more than when you started. This podcast isn’t just for tech-heads who already know all about the industry. That’s one thing, of many, that makes this show and the host so fantastic. Afeez makes you feel right at home and uses conversations with guests to explain the electric vehicle industry’s importance. Get ready to have a lot of fun listening to this show. In this episode, Afeez sits down and has a chat with James Wight. James is the founder and director of the company Adventure Uncovered which advocates for social and environmental changes. The connect people through articles, events, speeches, and traveling. “Green Adventure” is a niche. James explains that he has a background in marketing and communications. With Adventures Uncovered James hopes to achieve a more environmentally-minded society through sharing stories and hosting events encouraging people to get out and experience nature first hand. (This can often trigger society to care about nature more.) Afeez shares the story of how he and James met during a clean energy initiative they were both involved in, traveling in electric cars.  He says they were preaching about electric transportation and difference sources of energy outside of fossil fuel. The most common questions James get asked in regards to his industry: How long does it take to charge the cars? What’s the range? What is the infrastructure? How do I make a difference? How do I get involved in Green travel Green energy Affecting the climate Reduce plastic pollution What works? James says increase engagement with people through articles, speeches, and even film festivals. These types of things attract people and engage them. This kicks things off which then causes the follow through to change. James says Adventure Uncovered has a goal to open conversations for influential people to connect at live events and push the topic of renewable energy resources, energy efficiency, and going green in general forward. James see the future as bright. He has a goal to scale sustainably and have more of an impact. Investment is the most important thing right now. Currently, they [Adventure Uncovered] are investing in themselves.   “Trying to bring more diversity and inclusion to this sort of privileged space.” “We want to inspire people, but also motivate them to take action.” “Travel opens your mind to a lot of things. It dispells ignorance as well.” “We don’t see the impact that our demand is making on the planet.” “You really opened up my mind and made me more conscious.” “I want to go beyond electric cars into clean energy generation.”   Want more Afeez? Instagram Youtube Twitter Interesting in testing out an electric vehicle? Rent a Tesla James Wight? Adventure Uncovered Website

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