It's Electric! The Electric Car Show with Afeez Kay - Sustainable Energy & Podcast Production with Jesse Chambers
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44M • 21/2 2019

Sustainable Energy & Podcast Production with Jesse Chambers

Welcome to the It’s Electric podcast hosted by the very passionate Afeez Kay. You will become engrossed in the electric vehicle and clean energy movement after the first minute. Afeez is an animated and intelligent host. He features guests from all different backgrounds. Each interview Afeez conducts gets right to the heart of the matter and always has great information for you!   In this episode, Afeez has a chat with the Audio Producer for Podcast Bay Productions, Jesse Chambers. Jesse discloses how he and Afeez are connected. Jesse has produced and edited fifty-eight episodes Afeez has recorded for It’s Electric. (Including this one.) Jesse gives Afeez some props for clean audio files and getting him hooked onto electric vehicles. Jesse says where he lives in Canada the electric car movement is watered down to hybrids. Afeez brings up Jesse’s other passion and hobby: gaming. Through Twitch Jesse he live-streams while playing video games. He has begun promoting and helping the community he’s built there. During this episode, Afeez and Jesse discuss when Jesse began working for Podcast Bay Productions. He also speaks to the exciting universe of video editing and creating the Podcast Bay Production’s YouTube channel with the Founder of Podcast Bay Scott Doucett. Afeez throws out the idea of taking It’s Electric into the YouTube arena.  Jesse talks about his process for editing audio for It’s Electric and other podcast clients. Jesse touches on: It’s Electric episodes that are his favorites Electric Unicycles Ben Buys an I3 Nuance and flow Integrity of guests Love of different opinions voiced on the It’s Electric podcast The evolution of the podcast Using sustainable energy Electric longboard/unicycle on his wish list Accident   “I never touched audio editing software before. I just have an ear and am a fast learner.” “Go home and keep working.” “I want it to sound like nobody even touched it. Like a one take no edit.” “I’d never heard a sales call on a podcast.” “The aim now is to not just talk about vehicles. It’s to expand the horizon to sustainable in general.”   Want more Afeez? Instagram Youtube Twitter   Interested in testing out an electric vehicle? Rent a Tesla   What more Jesse? Podcast Bay Production's Website Jesse's Twitch Channel Jesse's Discord Server Jesse's Instagram Profile  

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