It's Electric! The Electric Car Show with Afeez Kay - eRide and Legislation with Jean Jose Garcia Monila
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25M • 23/4 2019

eRide and Legislation with Jean Jose Garcia Monila

Jean Jose Garcia Monila joins Afeez on today’s episode of It’s Electric! to discuss legislation in Ireland, and how it impacts the use of rideable electric vehicles. With more electric scooters, skateboards and unicycles hitting the streets, it’s obvious that people are noticing the positive change they can make. The problem is that with their growing popularity, it’s becoming more difficult to navigate the laws surrounding them. In some countries see them as toys, rather than motorized vehicles, they are barely regulated at all. Other countries have made them completely illegal, making it impossible to drive them without a plate and insurance, which is impossible to get presently. Police are beginning to crack down on riders, and the punishments seem small for now, but what are the possible ramifications? Why are law-makers impeding progress? How can we make the use of rideables not only legal, but completely safe in the eyes of the government and the general public? All of this and more will be discussed right here on this episode of It’s Electric!   Challenges for rideable users in Ireland, vehicles are being seized by police What are the alternatives? What is being done to legalize electric  rideable vehicles?   “These vehicles are not toys, they are actually a viable means of transportation that can help reduce air pollution and congestion” “Lately they have been cracking down” “Electric rideables are the cleanest option right now besides walking and biking”   eRIDE!   More Rideables Want more Afeez?   Instagram YouTube Twitter   Interested in testing out an electric vehicle?

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