The Darkness Vaults
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The Darkness Vaults

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For journalists all over the world, reporting true crime stories is a day-to-day reality. But what do journalists do when that reality is so dark that it feels like we’ve reached a new depth of human cruelty? For the first time, a network of 600 of these journalists have invited us into the darkest recesses of their world. They’ve shared stories of some of the most disturbing cases ever reported, past and present. From Podimo and Vespucci — this is The Darkness Vaults. Hosted by Luyanda Lewis-Nyando. A note to listeners — due to the nature of their subject matter, some of these stories discuss suicide, sexual assault and may include detailed descriptions of violence. Please take care while listening. 

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episode Death in the Chat Room (William Melchert) artwork
Death in the Chat Room (William Melchert)
On a cold Sunday in March 2008, an 18-year-old woman jumps off a bridge in Canada's capital, Ottawa. She sinks into the icy water and welcomes death to end the darkness that has consumed her mind. Three years before, a 32-year-old man hanged himself in his apartment in the city of Coventry in central England. He could see no other way out. The two apparently have nothing in common, but they both leave behind an open computer. It turns out that they have been active on the same online suicide forum. And they have been talking to the same person. From Podimo and Vespucci — this is The Darkness Vaults.
24. toukok. 2023 - 37 min
episode The St. Petersburg Sacrifices (Tamara Samsonova) artwork
The St. Petersburg Sacrifices (Tamara Samsonova)
In St. Petersburg's gray suburbs, loneliness hits hard. The elderly Tamara Samsonova desperately tries to fill the void left by her husband's sudden disappearance by renting out a room. But the tenants never hang around. Is it due to the bleak surroundings? Is it because Tamara herself is becoming more and more eccentric? Or is it connected to the mutilated corpses and occult signs that are found in the area? Listen to the hair-raising story of one of the 20th century's most brutal serial killers, who over two decades killed, dismembered and possibly ate its victims. From Podimo and Vespucci — this is The Darkness Vaults.
17. toukok. 2023 - 31 min
episode The Abattoir in the Australian Outback (Katherine Knight) artwork
The Abattoir in the Australian Outback (Katherine Knight)
There can be a certain joy associated with being engrossed in one's work. But when is enough enough? Katherine works as a butcher in the small village of Aberdeen, and thrives among cattle hooks and butcher knives. But trauma from the past haunts her, and seeps into her romantic relationships. Violence and bloody rage become a recurring theme both in her workplace and in her private life. So even if Katherine manages to stop bulls who have seen red - who will stop Katherine? From Podimo and Vespucci — this is The Darkness Vaults.
10. toukok. 2023 - 31 min
episode A Deadly Secret (Charlie Brandt) artwork
A Deadly Secret (Charlie Brandt)
Can a traumatic childhood experience turn you into a serial killer? This is the story of Charlie Brandt, who, together with his wife Teri, must leave their home in the Florida Keys before the hurricane arrives. Fortunately, they can stay with Teri's beautiful, successful niece in Orlando. But when all three are found dead behind locked doors, there is no doubt who wielded the knife. And suddenly it becomes clear that Charlie had a horrible obsession and other barbaric murders on his conscience. From Podimo and Vespucci — this is The Darkness Vaults.
03. toukok. 2023 - 30 min
episode Butchered in the Valley (Charles Kennedy) artwork
Butchered in the Valley (Charles Kennedy)
In 1870 New Mexico, few things get people in the saddle like the prospect of a bright and shiny future – especially in the form of gold. Big and small make pilgrimages to the mountains "Sangre de Cristo" (Blood of Christ) with an ambition and a hope to find both gold and green forests. But not everyone in the mountains considers gold to be the greatest treasure, and soon it is not only the blood of Christ that flows in the mountains. What dangers lurk in the borderlands besides bears and cougars? And how far are people willing to go for their dreams? From Podimo and Vespucci — this is The Darkness Vaults.
26. huhtik. 2023 - 30 min

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