Hyphenated with Joanna Hausmann and Jenny Lorenzo
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Hyphenated with Joanna Hausmann and Jenny Lorenzo

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Comedy stars Joanna Hausmann and Jenny Lorenzo host an English-language podcast about living in the hyphen that connects American and Latin culture. As American Latinas, they have crafted their comedy around what it means to be bicultural. Every week, Joanna and Jenny have hilarious and thought-provoking conversations about the particularities of being hyphenated. New episodes every Thursday. 

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episode Are Latino Drug Lord Stories Worth Telling? artwork
Are Latino Drug Lord Stories Worth Telling?
Joanna and Jenny discuss whether or not shows like the new series GRISELDA are good for Latinos in Hollywood or just perpetuate harmful stereotypes, why the limited number of Latino TV shows and movies mean that nobody is ever happy with what’s being released, and if the real harm to Latino representation in the entertainment industry is being done by the Latinos who are currently in power. (PLUS it’s raining in L.A. and everybody is freaking out!)
08 feb 2024 - 48 min
episode The LOST EPISODE of Hyphenated! artwork
The LOST EPISODE of Hyphenated!
Jenny and Joanna chat about Joanna’s move to L.A. (for good this time) and share fun facts and anecdotes behind the reasons why various cities around the world are iconic. Originally recorded in February 2023 (and meant to be the relaunch of the podcast after a short break that ultimately lasted 9 months), please enjoy this previously unreleased episode that was thought to be lost to the ages by historians! (But it was just on a different hard drive.)
25 ene 2024 - 42 min
episode Joanna chats with her bitchy Serbian best friend! artwork
Joanna chats with her bitchy Serbian best friend!
Joanna welcomes her friend and colleague Filip Jeremic, as they discuss his hyphenated experience as a Serbian-Canadian, the similarities between Latin America and the Eastern European Balkans, and share some bonkers curses from each other’s cultures (PLUS Joanna says a dirty word she’s never said on the podcast before, which just happens to rhyme with something she has said a lot on the podcast… “um”)
12 ene 2024 - 53 min
episode We Get SAD During the Holidays! artwork
We Get SAD During the Holidays!
Joanna and Jenny discuss how the end of the year always makes them sentimental, how weird it is that time seems to pass faster the older you get, the different things that make each of them cry, and how they would like to be reincarnated as the ducks at Disneyland (PLUS they breakdown the plot of John Wick!)
21 dic 2023 - 45 min
episode How SANGIVING is different than THANKSGIVING artwork
How SANGIVING is different than THANKSGIVING
Jenny and Hyphenated producer Kevin chat about all things “Sangiving”, how the Thanksgiving experience is different (and important) for immigrant families, and why the yearly big holiday episode of their Abuela’s Family web-series is not about Noche Buena.
23 nov 2023 - 29 min

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