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Letters From A Killer
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Letters From A Killer

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“Anyone can write to a prisoner on death row...” From the makers of the hit true-crime documentary series ‘I Am a Killer’ comes a gripping, immersive, and personal journey into the minds of murderers. Hosted by documentary makers Zoe Hines and Ned Parker, ‘Letters From A Killer’ reveals the intimate letters they’ve received from convicted murderers facing life in prison or the death penalty. Each episode, we explore the thoughts of men and women who kill through their own words, as Zoe and Ned delve into their motives, their crimes, and the stories the letters really tell. ‘Letters From A Killer’ is a Podimo (https://podimo.com/) podcast series produced by Transistor Films. Podimo is an open podcast platform, currently available in Denmark, Germany, Spain and Latin America which shares revenue with the creators. If you have a podcast you can claim your podcast now,  just visit http://podimo.com for more information. 

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episode 15: False Prophet artwork
15: False Prophet
“I have asked Jesus Christ to forgive me these cowardly acts that I did back then and to give me a clean slate, and he has.” In 2004, Richard Tabler murdered his boss and an associate in an execution-style shooting. While in prison, he read the Bible daily, quoted from scripture, and wrote a regular Christian brochure. Is finding religion a sign of rehabilitation, or is it simply the final throw of the dice for people found guilty of the most heinous crimes? In the final episode of this series, documentary makers Ned Parker and Zoe Hines discuss Richard Tabler’s Letters From A Killer.
15 jul 2021 - 28 min
episode 14: Ice Cream Killer artwork
14: Ice Cream Killer
"He stopped for me to buy some ice cream. I told him I wanted to borrow his truck (and him) for a bit of a ride. I guess he thought I was playing. He soon changed his tune when I pulled out the revolver.” In 1978, John Quinones stole an ice cream truck with the owner still inside. He picked up his friends, and then proceeded to sexually assault the owner, before driving him to a clearing and executing him. He claims that the situation just spiralled out of control. Zoe Hines and Ned Parker investigate his Letters From A Killer.
08 jul 2021 - 22 min
episode 13: Death Row Reform artwork
13: Death Row Reform
“I’m a lot more mature, and really glad I came to Death Row. I truly believe that Death Row saved my life, as crazy as that sounds.” In 2004, Christopher Young stole a car at gunpoint, before driving to a convenience store and murdering the owner. While on death row, he reached out to youngsters, wrote books, and tried to turn his life around. Should these factors be considered in mitigating the crimes of a prisoner sentenced to die or are some people beyond rehabilitation? Documentary makers Ned Parker and Zoe Hines read his Letters From A Killer.
01 jul 2021 - 28 min
episode 12: Overkill artwork
12: Overkill
When I got into trouble, I got beat. I’d have to stand naked and put my hands on the wall and count each hit. If I missed a count, he’d start over.” In 2008, after taking mushrooms, Douglas Blaine Matthews drove 500 miles to meet a friend. He ended up in a crack house where a ‘high-octane’ fight broke out that resulted in multiple murders. Zoe Hines and Ned Parker investigate the traumatic childhood and drug dependency that may have led to this episode’s Letters From A Killer.
24 jun 2021 - 28 min
episode 11: Whatever Makes You Happy artwork
11: Whatever Makes You Happy
“After 18 years of solitary confinement with death breathing down my neck, some things don’t matter as much as they used to. I’ll still be strapped to that gurney and have my body pumped full of poison.” In 1998, Christina Muse was assaulted with a stun gun, beaten, locked in a cupboard, and drowned. Her body was found stuffed in a barrel in a ditch four months later. Troy Clark was sent to death row for the murder, but has always denied it. Is there any merit to his claims? Zoe Hines and Ned Parker investigate his Letters From A Killer.
17 jun 2021 - 26 min

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Muy buenos Podcasts , entretenido y con historias educativas y divertidas depende de lo que cada uno busque. Yo lo suelo usar en el trabajo ya que estoy muchas horas y necesito cancelar el ruido de al rededor , Auriculares y a disfrutar ..!!
Fantástica aplicación. Yo solo uso los podcast. Por un precio módico los tienes variados y cada vez más.
Me encanta la app, concentra los mejores podcast y bueno ya era ora de pagarles a todos estos creadores de contenido

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