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Bringing Philosophy to Life
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Bringing Philosophy to Life

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In this series, philosopher and author, Albert A. Anderson, explores the modern world through ancient philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. He provides insightful analyses on the practical applications of philosophy in our daily lives, and brings a fresh perspective on how these concepts can create a better understanding of the world around us. In this podcast, you will be presented with philosophical ideas in a way that is accessible and easy to understand, making it an engaging listen for both old and new philosophy enthusiasts. 

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episode Not Just Climate artwork
Not Just Climate
Ever pondered the philosophical implications of a total solar eclipse or the urgency of addressing climate change? In this episode of 'Bringing Philosophy to Life,' Albert A. Anderson delves into the existential connections between humanity, nature, and ethics. Through the lens of philosopher Vandana Shiva's insights and historical perspectives, Anderson navigates the complex interplay of philosophy, science, and activism in confronting the pressing environmental crisis.
30 apr 2024 - 16 min
episode Release from the Cave artwork
Release from the Cave
Join Albert A. Anderson as he delves into Plato's Allegory of the Cave, unraveling its metaphorical layers to illuminate the transformative journey from ignorance to knowledge. Through Socratic dialogue and dialectic, Anderson explores the role of questioning and critical inquiry in uncovering truth, urging listeners to transcend the shadows of perception and embrace the pursuit of deeper understanding.
05 mrt 2024 - 19 min
episode The End of Education artwork
The End of Education
What role does education play in shaping our democracy? Join Albert A. Anderson as he delves into recent university controversies, defends academic freedom, and advocates for prioritizing the humanities in education to foster critical thinking and humanistic values.
27 feb 2024 - 26 min
episode Philosophers and Kings artwork
Philosophers and Kings
Is democracy under threat in today's political landscape? Join Albert A. Anderson as he explores the profound connections between philosophy, education, and political governance. Delving into Plato's Republic and Karl Popper's critiques, Anderson challenges prevailing notions about authoritarianism and advocates for a liberal education that fosters genuine democracy. In a world grappling with political crises, discover the urgent need for a holistic education that empowers citizens to think independently and safeguard the common good.
01 feb 2024 - 24 min
episode Democracy and Rhetoric artwork
Democracy and Rhetoric
How does the clash between democracy and authoritarianism unfold? Exploring the ethical dimensions of leaders like Henry Kissinger and dissecting the role of truth in democratic ideals, Albert A. Anderson engages listeners in a profound reflection. Anderson draws on ancient Greek wisdom to unravel the impact of rhetoric on political persuasion, prompting critical questions about the enduring values that shape the democratic landscape. Join the philosophical journey as the episode navigates through historical contexts and contemporary challenges, inviting listeners to ponder the essence of democracy in the face of authoritarian pressures.
08 dec 2023 - 21 min

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