Con Juan

Con Juan

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Juan Carlos Guzman Betancur is a con-man like no other. He's smuggled his way into more than 50 countries, stolen millions of dollars, and deceived pretty much everyone he's ever met. In this podcast series, investigative reporter Darrell Brown teams up with former Metropolitan Police Detective Christian Plowman to take a journey through Juan's crimes - to unpack his extraordinary life - and to try and find him... it's a journey which takes two years, and spans the globe. Why does Juan Carlos do the things he does? You might not believe the answer. 

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Episode 9: BONUS 1 - More Juan Carlos
If you've listened to the whole series - then you're probably wanting to hear more from Juan Carlos, about his life of crime, his time on the run, and the reasons for his behaviour. In the next few episodes, we'll be sharing some of the extraordinary stories and conversations which didn't make the series, as well as catching up with some of the contributors from the show - to see what they made of his final interview. Listen to all the bonus content exclusively on Whats The Story's subscription channel, where you can also find ad-free access to all of their original podcast series. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit []
5 min - 28 nov 2022
Episode 8: Why Become A Conman?
With our time opposite Juan Carlos coming to an end, attention turns to WHY he chose a life of crime. From his up-bringing in Colombia, to an unlikely criminal education and a desire for retribution, Juan explains his decisions. And put on the spot, he has some surprising revelations about his life and his future. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit []
32 min - 09 nov 2022
Episode 7: How To Be A Conman
After two years of searching, we finally get the chance to quiz Juan Carlos on his life as one of the world's most elusive conmen. And we begin by asking HOW he tricks his victims, travels the world illegally, and stays one step ahead of the police. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit []
32 min - 09 nov 2022

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