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Mayday: When James Le Mesurier fell to his death he left behind a tangle of truths and lies. 

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Mayday - The Evidence Gatherers
In a secret location in a European city is an archive that contains over a million documents. It’s run by a tough-talking Canadian, Bill Wiley, who set up an evidence-gathering organisation funded by Western governments. Using undercover criminal investigators operating inside a war zone, the Commission for International Justice and Accountability (CIJA) has spent the last eight years extracting official documents from Syria. Wiley says that evidence will prove that the Assad regime has been responsible for a campaign of torture and murder against its own people. CIJA's documents are being used right now in a criminal case in the West to prosecute members of the Syrian regime. But there are those who would discredit the evidence and the people who gather it. These include a group of respected academics here in the UK who are accused of spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories about the war, twisting the narrative so that the Syrian regime becomes the victim and the British government bears responsibility for war crimes. It is a new kind of warfare being fought not on the ground but on the internet. Who will win? Writer, producer and presenter Chloe Hadjimatheou Editor Emma Rippon Researchers Orla O’Brien and Lara Al Gibaly Executive producer Maggie Latham Sound design and mix Neil Churchill Mark Fleischman played the role of Prof Paul McKeigue and the role of Ivan Commissioner for Radio 4 Richard Knight Correction: We stated that Feras Fayyad won an Oscar - instead his films were nominated on two occasions for an Oscar but did not win.
54 min - 07 apr 2021
Intrigue: Mayday update
The Evidence Gatherers, a new episode of Mayday coming soon, available from 6 April.
1 min - 29 mrt 2021
Extra Episode: The Canister on the Bed
“The crime scene had been left unguarded for two weeks”. What really happened in the Douma massacre? This episode is a diversion from the story of the life and death of James Le Mesurier. It’s about one of the most contested events in the war - the chemical attack in the town of Douma in 2018. Unravelling what really happened there takes us to the heart of the global race to control the narrative of the Syrian war. Mayday tells the extraordinary real story of the man who organised the White Helmets – rescuers who film themselves pulling survivors from bombed out buildings in rebel-held areas of Syria – and investigates claims that, far from being heroes, they are part of a very elaborate hoax. James Le Mesurier – his detractors say – was a British secret agent, pulling the strings. So when his body was found by worshippers on their way to morning prayers, there were a lot questions. This episode contains a description of the aftermath of a chemical attack. This episode has been edited since original publication following a complaint. Produced, written and presented by Chloe Hadjimatheou Editor: Emma Rippon Researcher: Tom Wright Production Coordinator: Gemma Ashman Sound Design and Mixing by Neil Churchill With additional mixing by Graham Puddifoot and Gareth Jones Arabic translation and additional research: Vanessa Bowles, Abdul Kader Habak Turkish Researcher: Nevin Sungur Narrative Consultant: John Yorke Original music: Nick Mundy Final track Zamilou by Bu Kolthoum
36 min - 20 nov 2020

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