Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver
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Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver

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Minnie Driver questions everything... and her acclaim as an actor and musician is undoubtedly rooted in her enraptured observations of the world around her. Now, Minnie sits down with experts and trailblazers across disciplines and asks them the same seven mini questions, showing even small questions can uncover larger truths about happiness, failure, love, loss and belonging. In interviewing a range of characters, Minnie questions... how are we the same? How are we different? How do we become who we are? Minnie questions... because it is the questions we ask that help us understand the world around us, and ourselves. 

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Deleted Scenes (Season 2)
The season finale of Season 2 features some of our favorite questions and answers that didn’t make it into the second season. Featuring new conversations with Anthony Doerr, Katie Nolan, Sam Fragoso, Rose Matafeo, Brooke Shields, Graham Norton, and Christiane Amanpour. Stay tuned for our return with Season 3! See omnystudio.com/listener [https://omnystudio.com/listener] for privacy information.
31 min - 07 dec 2022
Kal Penn
Minnie questions actor, author, and former White House staff member, Kal Penn. Kal shares stories of hearing his grandparents' stories of marching with Ghandi, first-hand experiences of systemic racism in auditions, and the secret ingredient to his favorite vegetarian tacos. See omnystudio.com/listener [https://omnystudio.com/listener] for privacy information.
46 min - 30 nov 2022
David Eagleman
Minnie questions neuroscientist and author, David Eagleman. David shares how a childhood fall influenced his life's work, the impact his teachers had on him outside the classroom (including the legendary Francis Crick), and why a chain restaurant is the secret to his writing success. See omnystudio.com/listener [https://omnystudio.com/listener] for privacy information.
39 min - 23 nov 2022

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