The Line
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The Line

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In 2018, a group of Navy SEALs broke ranks and accused their chief, Eddie Gallagher, of murder—sucking them all into the biggest war crimes trial in a generation. Did a Navy SEAL cross the line in Iraq? Dan Taberski (“Running from COPS”) takes you inside that courtroom for the first time, peeling back the curtain on how America wages its wars now and revealing the story that the media covering the trial blew right past. Through intimate conversations with over 50 special operators, the series explores just how blurred the line between right and wrong has become in the forever wars—and what that’s doing to the hearts and minds of those we send to fight them.New Episodes on Tuesdays. An Apple Original podcast produced by Jigsaw Productions. Listen and follow on Apple Podcasts. 

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Six months after The Line was released, Dan addresses the fallout from Eddie Gallagher’s narrative shift in the season finale—and introduces the new Apple Original docuseries about the Gallagher case, also titled The Line, available on Apple TV+. []
6 min - 19 nov 2021
The Hardest Thing
In the series finale: the bombshell explained, the verdict, and the bombshell after the bombshell. And finally, the impact of 20 years of war on special operators gets a name. An Apple Original podcast, produced by Jigsaw productions. Listen and follow on Apple Podcasts. The Line: The War Within - Coming this Fall on Apple TV+. Subscription required.
50 min - 04 mei 2021

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