Introducing brand-new True Crime podcast "The Darkness Vaults," a collection of the most shocking crimes ever reported around the world

Launching Wednesday 29th March from Podimo and Vespucci

For journalists all over the world, reporting true crime stories is a day-to-day reality.

But what happens when the reality is so dark, it feels like we've reached a new depth of human cruelty?

On 29th March 2023, Podimo and Verspucci launch new podcast The Darkness Vaults. Originally written by media company Vespucci, and translated and produced in 5 additional languages by Podimo, The Darkness Vaults will now be available in English.  Each year, Vespucci collaborates with a vast global network of top-tier journalists to gather stories and fund investigations. Now, for the first time, the darkest and most depraved stories from their archives will be pulled together in one place, The Darkness Vaults. In each weekly episode, the series will open a different case file from horrifying crimes reported around the world, past and present.  From 62-year-old Fiona Torbet, who vanished during a solo walking holiday in the Scottish Highlands, and whose remains were found 9 months later in the grounds of the B&B, to the case of an Australian coal miner John Price, whose disappearance rang alarm bells when police spotted a bubbling pot on his stove... This is the second instalment in Podimo's three-part True Crime offering in the UK, following the launch of Murder In The North earlier this month which follows some of the most chilling murder cases to rock Scandinavia. 

The Darkness Vaults is now available on all major podcast platforms.

Jake Chudnow, Global Director of Studios at Podimo: "We were keen to partner with Vespucci given they are a network of 600+ journalists from around the world, which allowed these well-researched and intriguingly-told stories to be sourced from their vast archives"

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About Vespucci

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