Life is better when you listen

Podimo is an audio entertainment service that offers original and exclusive ad-free shows, plus podcasts from around the world via RSS feeds. The app features smart curation, intuitive design, video, and creates a new stream of revenue for all creators.

A global production studio

Podimo creates original content that travels, and amplifies the voices of creators from around the world. Our UK productions include “The Missing” with Pandora Sykes, “You Don’t Know Me,” with Chloe Combi, and “Letters From A Killer” from Transistor Films.

We are Podimo

Founded in Copenhagen in 2019 by Morten Strunge, Eva Lægdsgaard, Nikolaj Koppel, Sverre Dueholm, and Andreas Sachse, the app is currently available in Denmark,Germany,Norway,Spain, The Netherlands, Finland, Latin America, with more to come soon.Stay tuned.

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