The Missing

Can you help find ‘The Missing?’ Hosted by journalist Pandora Sykes, The Missing looks into the cases of the long-term missing and asks you, the listener, to help. Brought to you in association with charities Locate International and Missing People, every week we explore a different case, hear original interviews with family and friends, and ask the questions that need to be answered. Where did they go? What happened to them? And does anyone listening have any information?In the UK alone, a person is reported missing every 90 seconds. In this series, we ask you to become part of the search. With your help, some of these cases could be solved. To learn more or if you have information on any of the cases covered in the podcast, please visit

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Who Robs A Banksy?

There aren’t many people who can say that they’ve had a Banksy statue in their back garden, but Andy Link is one of them. In 2004, he kidnapped one of Banksy’s pieces of art in broad daylight from the middle of central London, and held it to ransom. The fact that someone would kidnap a Banksy statue is pretty absurd already, but the story of why it happened, how the statue vanished again after it was kidnapped, and how it was mysteriously put up for auction over 10 years later is even wilder. It all comes down to 1 man, and a 2 decade long vendetta. The story will take us on a journey through UK’s most subversive sub-cultures: from art heists and art terrorists, to 80s football hooliganism, the 90s illegal rave scene, even fetish parties. While all the while, we try to track down one of the most elusive anonymous artists in the world. All to discover…who robs a Banksy??

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It Can’t Just Be Me

Each week Anna is joined by a guest co-host and they receive voice notes from the audience asking sex and relationship questions.

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Murder In The North

A woman mysteriously disappears a week before her wedding. Two teenagers plan a murder via text messages. Lovers flee the police from Finland to Denmark. In the Murder in the North podcast series, the most gruesome and spectacular murder cases in the Nordic countries are reviewed. A new episode is published every Wednesday.

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Podimo presents Murder in the North

Where's Home Really

Hearing memories, anecdotes and stories that illustrate the way his famous guests have navigated their own journey of self-discovery and had their identities shaped by calling two places “home”. Using personal biography to shine a light on modern Britain and offering all of us a chance to learn more about ourselves, our neighbours and our nation.

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Podimo presents Where's home Really?

Darkness Vaults

Each year we actively collaborate with our 600+ journalists and storytellers, based all around the globe. For the first time, the darkest and most depraved of these stories will be pulled together into one place: The Darkness Vaults. For journalists all over the world, reporting true crime stories is a day-to-day reality. But what do journalists do when that reality is so dark that it feels like we’ve reached a new depth of human cruelty? For the first time, a network of 600 of these journalists have invited us into the darkest recesses of their world. They’ve shared stories of some of the most disturbing cases ever reported, past and present. From Podimo and Vespucci — this is the “The Darkness Vaults”. A note to listeners — due to the nature of their subject matter, some of these stories discuss suicide, sexual assault and may include detailed descriptions of violence. Please take care while listening.

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Podimo presents the Darkness Vaults

Cold Blood

Retellings of some of the most sensational historical criminal cases from Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. Spin off of the hugely successful “True Story” series. In each episode, a new crime is unpacked for the listener.

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The List Of Absolutely Everything That Might Kill You

Matt Edmonson and Dr Adam Kay explore the surprisingly morbid histories of everything from deadly doorbells to fatal feather boas and provide listeners with the tools you need to survive the unexpected dangers lying in wait at work, during your commute and even in the comfort of their own home. In every episode they’ll  each make the case for an object’s inclusion on the lethal league table and determine, using a combination of colorful anecdotal evidence and cutting edge scientific analysis, the definitive ranking of absolutely everything that might kill you.

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Richard Wiseman's On Your Mind

Why are some people so happy? How can you tell when politicians are lying? Is it logical to carry a lucky charm? Why do long lists of questions hold our attention? Listeners are invited to submit their queries via texts, emails, voicemails, letters, postcards, social media posts , carrier pigeons and ouija boards. Wiseman then tackles each of these issues by drawing on his deep knowledge of all matters psychological and an endless supply of occasionally witty anecdotes. With Marnie trying to stick to the script and Wiseman eager to explore the path less travelled, this anarchic, fact-filled, irreverent, energetic, interactive, podcast is the ultimate guide to the human psyche and provides listeners with an invaluable toolkit for successful living.

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The News Meeting

Three journalists pitch the story they think mattered most this week. It’s a meeting that takes place in newsrooms all over the world to decide what leads, what follows and in what order. As editor of The Times newspaper, director of BBC News and now editor-in-chief of Tortoise, James Harding has been in countless news meetings behind closed doors. But in this podcast, we’re flinging the doors open so you can hear the argument for yourself.

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Letters From a Killer

From the makers of the hit true-crime documentary series ‘I Am a Killer’ comes a gripping, immersive, and personal journey into the minds of murderers. Hosted by documentary makers Zoe Hines and Ned Parker, ‘Letters From A Killer’ reveals the intimate letters they’ve received from convicted murderers facing life in prison or the death penalty. Each episode, we explore the thoughts of men and women who kill through their own words, as Zoe and Ned delve into their motives, their crimes, and the stories the letters really tell. ‘Letters From A Killer’ is a Podimo podcast series produced by Transistor Films.

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You don't know me

Hosted by the youth issue expert, journalist, and author of best selling book Gen Z: their Voices, their lives Chloe Combi, You Don’t Know Me, gives you a no holds barred insight into the lives of teenagers today, through their own experiences and voices. Opening up conversation that’s missing or often difficult for teens to have with parents, teachers and even their peers. Each episode allows teens to tell their story as well express their hopes, fears, insecurities and dreams while navigating their way in a challenging, new world, Based on Chloe Combi’s unique approach of candid and revealing interviews with teens from around the world, the series combines immersive interviews and constructive conversation with Chloe as well as expert contribution from the likes of Jon Ronson, Adam Rutherford & Florence Given . Covering topics such as body image, sexuality, popularity, school, race, feminism and cancel culture, You Don’t Know Me is the ultimate insight into Gen Z and the future they are creating.

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We are Podimo

Founded in Copenhagen in 2019 by Morten Strunge, Eva Lægdsgaard, Nikolaj Koppel, Sverre Dueholm, and Andreas Sachse, the app is currently available in Denmark,Germany,Norway,Spain, The Netherlands, Finland, Latin America, with more to come soon.Stay tuned.

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