Broadcaster Anna Richardson to launch brand new agony aunt podcast from Podimo and Mags Creative: ‘It Can’t Just Be Me’ on 3rd May

"I’ve been through some really difficult times in my life and many times have thought, I can’t be alone in feeling like this. My brand new podcast It Can’t Just Be Me is about listening, sharing, and supporting. I’m primed and ready to solve that big dilemma in your life, along with some very special celebrity guests and experts. I can’t wait for you to listen.” – Anna Richardson on It Can’t Just Be Me

In this new podcast from Podimo and Mags Creative, launching on Wednesday, 3rd May, Anna will be answering listeners’ dilemmas - and no topic is off-limits.

Have questions about sex? Divorce? Motherhood? Menopause? Mental health? With no topic off limits, Anna’s here to prove that whatever you’re going through, it’s not just you. Drawing on her honest and judgement-free presenting style, Anna will speak with celebrity and expert guests to unpack dilemmas sent in from listeners around the UK. Examples include:

●  It can’t just be me who’s tempted to cheat on my partner.

●  It can’t just be me who’s lost my libido after the menopause.

●  It can’t just be me who regrets not having kids when I had the chance.

Anna’s first guest is Married At First Sight’s Mel Schilling. Mel is a dating coach and therapist who brings her decades of experience from the dating world as well as her own dating history to help answer listener Rachel’s dilemma - ‘is it possible to stay friends with your ex?’

The duo discuss failed relationships, their own experience with staying friends with exes, dealing with jealousy when an ex moves on, coping with loneliness as a single person, and how to know when you’re ready to start dating again.

Mel shares the pain of getting over a dysfunctional relationship despite knowing it was what she needed: “It’s that tussle between your head and heart, the rational and the emotional. On a rational level I knew that this is good for me, this is a clear boundary and I can move on now, great. But at heart level, it just hurt.”

Upcoming guests and themes include:

●  Dr Julie Smith - clinical psychologist and TikTok sensation helps listeners with mental health related dilemmas.

●  Dr Ranj - British doctor, television presenter, author and columnist will be chatting about culture pressures, marriage, mental health and coming to terms with his sexuality after divorce.

●  Izzy Judd - Violinist and wife of McFly star Harry Judd will be sharing her IVF and fertility journey, sharing advice for those who may also be struggling.

For interview requests, please contact

If you have a dilemma you’d like unpacked, visit and record a voice note.

Or tell Anna all about it in an email to

It Can’t Just Be Me podcast is available on all major podcast platforms from Wednesday 3rd May, and will drop every Wednesday. It is brought to you by Podimo and Mags Creative:

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