Podimo and Message Heard Production "Who Robs A Banksy?" Launches Thursday 27th April 2023

The podcast about the man that went to war with the world's most elusive anonymous artist

From the creators of audio sensation Finding Natasha comes Who Robs A Banksy? 

Launching Thursday 27th of April, Who Robs A Banksy? is the podcast uncovering one of the most bizarre and notorious art heists in recent history: self-proclaimed ‘art terrorist’ Andy Link’s kidnapping of a Banksy statue… and its subsequent disappearance from his back garden.

In the new six-part series, host Jake Warren (Finding Natasha) speaks to ‘Tiger King of the art scene’ Andy and those closest to Banksy himself, exposing their two-decade-long feud and attempting to track down the world’s most elusive anonymous artist.  

In 2004, former porn star and football hooligan-turned artist Andy, along with his subversive art collective ‘Art Keida’ pinched Banksy’s ‘The Drinker’ sculpture from central London in broad daylight. The piece was held it to ransom in his back garden of all places, only for it to be snatched again and mysteriously auctioned over 10 years later with Sotheby’s

Who Robs a Banksy? tells this absurd story, taking listeners on a journey through UK’s most subversive sub-cultures, from 80s football hooliganism to the 90s illegal rave scene and even fetish parties.

But Andy Link’s vendetta is more than just a wild tale, it’s a starting point for interrogating the public’s perception of Banksy and asking, why is he perceived as the ‘Robin Hood’ of art when he makes millions out of ‘anti-establishment’ pieces?


Who Robs A Banksy? is available on all major podcast platforms from Thursday 27th of April 2023

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Notes To Editors

About Andy Link

Despite residing in East London, you won't meet a prouder Yorkshireman than Andy Link. Andy, AKA Linky is known as the Forrest Gump of the art world and there isn't a UK subculture over the last 40 years that he hasn't played his part in. From 80's football hooliganism, the 90's illegal rave scene, fetish parties and even terrorising the world of street art. After a long-standing feud with the world’s most infamous street artist, Banksy, Andy kidnapped one of the artist’s sculptures from its original location in central London in 2004. Andy is also artist in his own right, working under the alias AK47.

About Jake Warren 

Jake Warren is a journalist and podcast host who’s spent his career exploring stories at the extremities of human interest (or at least that’s what he says when he’s trying to impress someone). Really, it means spending time with nutters, extremists and weirdos of almost every persuasion. It was after hearing a friend ‘used to have a Banksy in her garden’ that he went on a journey to find out how it got there, discovering along the way Andy Link himself.

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