With millions of downloads and an international following across six languages, Podimo introduces "Cold Blood: Nordic True Crime," available 30th March

A new true crime podcast exploring startling crimes from Scandinavia

Tales of murder, kidnap and fraud from some of the world's coldest nations


On Thursday 30th March, Podimo launches Cold Blood: Nordic True Crime. The Denmark-born podcast series has already been translated into 6 languages and reached #1 in the Polish charts. Now in English, each episode will delve into startling crimes from Scandinavia - crimes that have dominated headlines and gripped the region. The podcast explores shocking incidents - a two year bombing spree in Denmark, where the only lead was a series of mysterious letters; the story of a duo held captive for years by a biker gang; the tale of the Nordic Black Widow. This is the third instalment in Podimo's three-part true crime podcast offering in the UK, the Copenhagen-founded premium audio subscription platform. This follows the launches of Murder In The North and The Darkness Vaults. The former follows some of the most chilling murder cases to rock Scandinavia, the latter is a collection of the most shocking crimes reported around the world. Cold Blood: Nordic True Crime is available wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribers to Podimo UK on Apple Podcasts have early access and are able to listen ad-free.

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