Exploring some of the most hair-raising and chilling murder cases to rock Scandinavia: "Murder in the North" is available now for the first time in English

8 languages, 140 episodes and millions of downloads. Podimo launches Europe's No.1 True Crime podcast in the UK

A woman mysteriously disappears one week before her wedding.

Two teenagers plan a murder via text message.

Lovers flee the police from Finland to Denmark

Following its success as Europe's No.1 True Crime podcast, Podimo's Murder in the North is now available in English. This marks the first in a trio of True Crime podcasts being launched in the UK by Podimo, the Copenhagen-founded premium audio subscription platform behind the podcasts. Murder in the North will take a look at the most shocking murder cases in Scandinavia. Each episode will centre on a different case. Like the young woman who set off on a back-packing journey across Europe whose adventure of a lifetime would end in tragedy in Copenhagen's cold waters. Swedish teens who make a pact to murder over text after a twisted obsession goes too far. The woman who disappears one week before her wedding, never to be seen again...

All from sources in the public domain, listeners will hear interviews, excerpts from press statements and courtrooms proceedings, each making up the grisly details of some of the most shocking, and in some cases, unthinkable murders in Northern Europe. Podimo developed Murder in the North in response to the growing appetite for Nordic crime dramas, making it one of their first moves into the True Crime genre and simultaneously, one of the earliest podcasts on their roster. Upon its release, the podcast took Europe by storm, reaching millions of downloads across 7 markets and hitting No.1 in Finland, Poland and the Netherlands' podcast charts.  

Murder in the North is now available on all major podcast platforms

Janne Aagaard, author, journalist and one of the writers behind Murder in the North: "During the pandemic, the producers behind Murder in the North reached out to me. I hadn’t written crime for a few years and didn’t really see myself writing again. But once I dug back into all those court cases and crimes covered in the podcast, I was bitten. Murder in the North has great appeal because we in general consider the Nordic countries very safe and free from crime, with little access to guns. The podcast unveils how there are dark tales in our countries too"


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