Podimo + Dag en Nacht

Podcast publisher Dag en Nacht Media acquired by Podimo

March 30 - Podcasting company Dag en Nacht Media has been acquired by Danish podcasting service Podimo. Dag en Nacht is the biggest podcast publisher in the Netherlands. Podimo will launch its premium podcasts app in the Netherlands in the month of April.

Dag en Nacht Media

Dag en Nacht Media is the biggest podcast publisher in the Netherlands, with titles like Man Man Man, Mr. Big, De Willem Podcast, Jong Beleggen, Alle Geschiedenis Ooit, Echt Gebeurd, De Rode Lantaarn, Moordcast, POM and De Universiteit van Nederland. The company was founded in 2015 by Tim de Gier and Anne Janssens, who are childhood friends and previously worked together at Vrij Nederland magazine. 

Every month the number of listened podcast episodes has been doubling for Dag en Nacht podcasts. V-Ventures (the investment vehicle of Vereniging Veronica) was the sole investor in the company. 100% of the company is now sold to Podimo.

Tim de Gier, CEO of Dag en Nacht Media: "The market for podcasting has been growing at breakneck speeds. Because of our partnership with Podimo we will now be able to dramatically increase the volume and quality of our podcast productions. It’s still early for the world of podcasts, and there are many stories not yet told that we’re so excited to tell. We’re here to help people get informed, get entertained and learn from the best creators in the country. I’m very happy that we can now bring our podcasts to the next level."

Morten Strunge, CEO of Podimo: "Dag en Nacht Media is one of the most prolific publishers of podcasts in the Netherlands. They were a first mover in the Netherlands and have produced some of the most popular podcasts in the country since then. Tim and Anne have built a world class team. We want to keep Dag en Nacht as it is, it will be business as usual for them."

Podimo is currently not announcing which podcasts from Dag en Nacht and other publishers will be exclusively available on the service. Starting in the month of April Podimo will start announcing which shows will appear on the app.


Podimo, originally from Denmark, has rapidly become the biggest podcasting subscription service in Europe, offering an extensive collection of ad-free podcasts and audiobooks that’s not available on any other platform for 5 euros per month. Main success drivers are talk show podcasts, crime shows, podcasts on parenting and relationships, self development and on history. The service has also funded independent investigative journalism. Consumers in Denmark, Spain, Germany, Norway and across Latin America are already using the service.

The company is betting that consumers will pay for podcasts, like they are already paying for music- and video streaming services. The company recently announced their Series B Round funding of nearly 80 million USD much of which will be utilized to produce new podcasts and attach podcast talent to the service. The acquisition of Dag en Nacht and the strategic partnership with Tonny Media is part of that strategy. 

Richard Musch, former Head of Business Development Europe for Netflix, will lead Podimo in the Netherlands as country manager. "In the month of April we will start a new wave of high quality, original podcasts that will entertain and inspire a new generation of listeners”, says Musch. “The launch also represents a watershed moment for Dutch podcast creators. We believe that the podcasting industry must commit to creating new revenue streams beyond advertising. Podimo offers creators full creative freedom. For consumers that means: more great podcasts to enjoy", says Musch.

Boilerplate Podimo: Founded in 2019, Podimo is a premium audio subscription platform that offers an extensive collection of exclusive, ad-free podcasts, audiobooks and experiences in both short and long formats, as well as your favorite podcasts from anywhere in the world via RSS feeds. Podimo supports creators directly through their user-centric revenue share model, with membership fees shared directly with the creators of the content you listen to each month. It currently has over 160+ employees across offices in Copenhagen, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Oslo and Vilnius. https://podimo.com

For more information, please contact brooke@podimo.com.