Podimo and dpa launch news podcast "Stand der Dinge" with host Maria Popov

Berlin, January 9, 2023 – Relevant news, reliable journalism: Die Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Germany's biggest news agency and one of the most important independent news agencies worldwide, and Podimo will publish the first episode of the news podcast "Stand der Dinge" wherever podcasts are available, starting January 12. For Podimo Germany, this is the first podcast original in the news sector. dpa produces the series on behalf of Podimo.Every Thursday, journalist Maria Popov presents the most important and relevant stories in the progressive news show, prepared by Germany's largest news agency.

"For Podimo, 'Stand der Dinge' is our first weekly news format and we are very happy to have such a journalistically competent partner in dpa at our side. The news show is the starting signal for our 2023 content strategy, because in addition to entertaining podcasts, we will focus even more on journalistically high-quality audio productions and research formats," says Ulrike Zeitlinger-Haake, Head of Content at Podimo Germany.

"Audio is a central topic for dpa in 2023. Therefore, we are very pleased to be part of this promising and innovative project with Podimo. Our goal is to continue to grow in the podcast market and to make the strong journalistic voice of dpa visible in many productions. This news podcast is an important milestone for this," says Silke Brüggemeier, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of dpa and Managing Director of the subsidiary Rufa Rundfunk-Agenturdienste GmbH.

Journalist and presenter Maria Popov is also celebrating her podcast debut with "Stand der Dinge". Since 2016, she has been part of the award-winning "Auf Klo" team at funk, where she acts as editor and host and which is aimed specifically at young people. Popov advocates for gender equality, moderates events including the digital youth culture conference "Tin Con," and shoots documentaries as well as reports. In her 3sat series "Futur Wir," which aired in October 2022, she joined author Sineb El Masrar and journalist Sascha Chaimowicz in a dialogue with young opinion makers and activists.

"I know what it's like to lose track of the big picture in the news cycle. With 'Stand der Dinge' I bring people and topics to my table to discuss with the best media professionals, with political and social decision-makers. This allows me to ask questions that are of particular interest to young listeners. I can't imagine a better partner for my podcast debut than dpa and Podimo," says Maria Popov.

“Stand der Dinge” – launching January 12, 2023 with new episodes every Thursday wherever you get your podcasts.