Podimo and Troop Form Strategic Alliance To Support Podcasting In Mexico and Latin America

Spoken audio subscription service Podimo partners with Mexico-based media house Troop to become one of the most attractive entertainment alternatives in the region

POdimo x Troop logo

Mexico City. 19 January, 2024 - Podimo and Troop announce a strategic alliance that will allow them to offer new ways to create and listen to high quality content. Almost a year after its launch in Mexico, Podimo already has thousands of subscribers, while Troop has managed, in a very short time, to consolidate an audio division that is an essential reference in the region.

As of January of this year, Troop in Mexico will operate and invest in Podimo. While Podimo brings a cutting-edge technological platform, an attractive portfolio of shows, and a wealth of international experience to the table, Troop will provide local expertise and infrastructure to promote and produce content in-house with the help of an experienced production team, reinforcing its position as a first-class media hub. Podimo's local team joins Troop under Joaquin Colino, CEO of Troop, who will now also serve as Podimo's Regional General Manager in Latin America.

"In the dynamic audio universe, we are excited to announce the integration of Podimo to Troop, consolidating our presence in the Mexico, US Hispanics and Latin American markets. Podimo proves to be the ideal partner, with a spectacular platform designed to meet the needs of the most demanding and passionate audio enthusiasts, says Joaquín Colino, CEO of Troop and Regional General Manager of Podimo Latam. "With this alliance, Troop will continue to expand its audio division, generating content not only for Podimo but also for the rest of the audio platforms in the market, with clearly differentiated strategies that will generate an interesting and necessary synergy for the strengthening of the industry and the growth of audiences, who will benefit from the unique and exciting experiences that our content guarantees."

"Podimo's local-first approach is further strengthened by Troop, who shares our mission, vision, and dedication to a subscription-based model," says Morten Strunge, CEO and Founder of Podimo. "Together, we will amplify our investment in local creators, cultivate new podcast audiences, and elevate our original content through a unique product experience. Our continued focus is on attracting top-tier talent and fostering a community in the Latin American spoken audio entertainment landscape.”

This strategic alliance between Podimo and Troop opens doors to a wider range of opportunities for local creators, listeners, and the industry at large, and will provide a significant boost in the market. Additionally, through the curation of a powerful pool of intellectual property, the collaboration sets the stage for diverse adaptations and formats, securing a path to becoming the most attractive player in spoken audio entertainment in the region.

"We have seen the enormous potential that the subscription model has for the podcast format, it's very exciting what has happened in such a short time", says Wendolín Perla, Head of Content at Podimo Latam. "However, as we went along, it became clear how important it was to have a local partner that understood the opportunities and complexities of the Mexican market and that would provide us with the strength and infrastructure to become a great Content Hub: with Troop, we will guarantee our consolidation and expansion in the region."


About Podimo

Podimo is the fastest growing podcast and audiobook subscription service in Europe, with a strong presence in seven markets and ongoing expansion plans. Founded in Copenhagen in 2019, the company focuses on promoting local content and diverse voices, offering a wide range of original and exclusive ad-free podcasts, global RSS feeds and audiobooks. Podimo is committed to providing spoken audio creators with alternative avenues for monetization and validation of their content, allowing them to focus solely on their craft. The app offers personalized audio experiences through a mix of human curation and AI, and listeners can enjoy Podimo on iOS and Android, iPad, CarPlay - as well as on web player at podimo.mx.

About Troop

Troop is a Content Powerhouse All-in-One. Troop's end-to-end solutions cover all aspects a company may need in the digital, data and content domains, and include audio services, high-quality professional production facilities, an engaging influencer network and technology platforms for strategic data leveraging. The Troop team is committed to providing its partners with a carefully planned and customized digital media marketing strategy that increases sales, attracts new leads and generates audiences across the precise platform that will ensure the growth of their business.