Podimo Spain presents its first Audio Report: a look at the present and future of podcasting in 2024

  • 62% of users have been subscribed to a podcast platform for more than a year.

  • 28% of users prefer videopodcast because they can see emotions and reactions (32%) and it is more dynamic (18%).

  • True crime is a trend: 13.36% of users demand more titles of this type.

Madrid, March 20, 2024 - The podcast phenomenon continues to be in constant ferment, evolving dynamically and posing challenges and opportunities in all areas. That is why, faced with a horizon full of challenges and possibilities, we question to what extent we can speak of an authentic cultural industry, with its own entity.

This look at the podcast phenomenon is based on a bibliographic review of analyses and studies on the format; on the direct opinion of different agents in the sector, through in-depth interviews and meetings; and on a small contrast with users, to investigate some particular points of the audio experience.

This report, in collaboration with Prodigioso Volcán, seeks to analyze the impact of the podcast and its derivatives on the Spanish economy, politics and culture, with the aim of tracing the path of the audio industry and exploring its achievements and future challenges: What do we mean when we talk about the 'podcast culture'? What are its characteristics? And its challenges? Can we talk about an audio industry shaped around the podcast? To address these questions, Podimo has compiled a Decalogue that highlights the main challenges facing the podcast industry in 2024:

1. The challenge of discovery

2. Exploring (other) creative territories

3. From the theater to the stadium

4. AI: creative technology to improve quality and searches

5. Associationism and collective dialogue

6. Alternative and sustainable business models

7. New identities, new voices

8. The listening experience

9. More training, more talent, more investment

10. A look outside the company

Spain report 2

In summary, podcasting is in a constant state of evolution, and faces a number of challenges that require collaboration and commitment from all involved. However, it also presents exciting opportunities to continue to innovate and expand the influence of audio culture around the world.

The voices that have participated in the report are expert profiles of the sector (producers, media, creators and academic profiles) that have intervened in the interviews and round table to contrast the conclusions obtained, generate new lines of research and open spaces for debate. On the other hand, in order to know the uses and preferences of audio from the perspective of users of podcasts and/or audiobooks, a survey has been carried out to users with a minimum frequency of monthly listening, of legal age and residents in Spain, who have been surveyed using the online survey technique with a duration of 8 minutes.

Audio-Culturas Opportunity Spaces Report

Audio Mapping (in Spanish)