Podimo and SPIEGEL TV launch exclusive podcast collaboration

The new season of SPIEGEL TV's successful true crime podcast "Im Verhör" is now available exclusively in the Podimo app.

Berlin, July 12, 2022 - The new season of SPIEGEL TV's successful true crime podcast "Im Verhör" is now available exclusively in the Podimo app. In several episodes, journalist Christina Pohl talks with colleagues and experts about EncroChat, a messenger service that was used primarily by criminals and that the police finally cracked. "Im Verhör" provides insights into the chat logs and the research on this and other true crime cases....

The podcast "Im Verhör" appears weekly first on Podimo and with an eight-week delay each time as a video format on the YouTube channel of DER SPIEGEL.

Podimo and SPIEGEL TV are thus heralding a longer-term cooperation that will include further seasons of "Im Verhör".

Kay Siering, Managing Director SPIEGEL TV: "The cooperation with Podimo gives our successful "Im Verhör" format a wider reach. We look forward to tapping into new target groups in this way.

"We are very much looking forward to working with SPIEGEL TV," says Sebastian Romanus, Managing Director of Podimo Germany. "It's an exciting example that well-prepared video formats can also work as podcasts."

"Im Verhör" is now available weekly with a new episode every Tuesday on Podimo: https://share.podimo.com/podcast/27941ef5-84b7-4198-8906-d31a93ac0d66


That's what "In Interrogation" is all about:

"In Interrogation" we interrogate our experts on spectacular crimes. We listen to gangsters in secret chats, unmask felons and reopen cases we thought were lost. No cartel, no murderer, no clan is safe from us.

At the resopal table behind the spy mirror, journalists, lawyers and convicted delinquents analyze criminal cases that left their mark. Host Christina Pohl, editor at SPIEGEL TV, calls for subpoena.

This season deals with the following topics:

EncroChat - The Whatsapp for Gangsters

Drug cartels, clans and gangs long communicated with each other via the encrypted messenger service EncroChat. They had no idea that the police could suddenly read what was going on. And that the chats would also end up on SPIEGEL TV.

The double murder in Babenhausen

Is the convicted murderer Andreas Darsow innocent? We talked to him in prison. The circumstantial verdict is full of contradictions. We reopen the "Cold Case".

The "Nuclear Weapons Division"

For years, our investigative reporters researched the Nazi underground. In the process, they uncovered the masterminds of the so-called "Atomwaffen Division". The plan of the right-wing terrorist organization: to destroy entire state structures through attacks, murders and other atrocities.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

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