Podimo Expands Its Footprint to Mexico and the UK

Podimo, the fastest growing podcast and audiobook subscription service in Europe, arrives in Mexico this March and will invest in 20+ original productions in the UK throughout 2023

Copenhagen - February 16, 2023 - Audio entertainment subscription service Podimo announces it will be launching in Mexico at the end of March, as well as releasing 20+ new original podcast series in partnership with leading UK production companies over the next year. 

Founded in Copenhagen in 2019 by a team of entrepreneurs, creatives, and an early Spotify executive, Podimo aims to change the rules of the audio entertainment game, promoting the creation of exclusive high quality content with a hyper-local approach, while providing the possibility of monetization for creators without needing to rely solely on ads. 

The service, which is in 6 markets thus far and has grown 5x Year-on-Year, arrives in Mexico on the strength of a recent podcast boom that has seen the number of users who consume audio entertainment increase by 70% over four years. Located in Mexico City, the Podimo MX team is in continuous search of new talent and new original content produced and hosted by Mexican creators, covering a variety of topics from true crime, sexuality, investigative journalism, body positivity, and personal relationships. “The Mexican creator community has welcomed us with open arms: we’re extremely honored to be working with such a diverse range of talent, and to provide high-value content that supports our ambitions of providing a fair and sustainable subscription model for both creators and listeners,” says Wendolín Perla, Head of Content at Podimo Mexico.

In the UK, Podimo will partner with a number of key production houses and companies to showcase the UK’s quality entertainment landscape and delve into its cultural conversations, while bringing over its internationally successful European true crime and investigative podcasts like Murder In the North and previous UK chart-topping and award-nominated podcast The Missing hosted by Pandora Sykes, which will be returning for a fourth season after a partnership with Amazon.  

Podimo will release 20+ podcast series in the UK over the next year, all available on podcast platforms globally via RSS, as part of its wider UK strategy. For a list of confirmed titles thus far, please check here

Podimo’s Global Head of Studios Jake Chudnow said, "We’ve seen a great response from creators and listeners in the 3 years since we’ve been producing shows in the UK at a small scale. We feel the time is right to invest further in the market by collaborating with industry-leading partners and putting together a slate of exciting voices and shows that we think the UK audience will love. This is the next step in Podimo's exciting journey into the UK."

About Podimo:

Podimo is a premium audio entertainment subscription service that offers original and exclusive ad-free podcasts, audiobooks, plus podcasts from around the world via RSS feeds. The Copenhagen-founded platform brings smart curation, discoverability features, in-app video, and intuitive design to listeners of both openly available and exclusive content. As a global production studio, Podimo creates original content that can travel and amplifies the voices of creators from around the world - through partnerships with Disney, iHeartMedia, and Paramount Network, the funding of independent investigative journalism, and more. The app is currently available in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Finland, and across Latin America, and is expanding to more countries soon. Listeners can enjoy Podimo on iOS and Android, iPad, CarPlay - as well as on web player.