Pop-Up Podcasting: Podimo Norway Records Live from the Heart of Oslo All Week

Find Your Favourite Creators in the Glass Box Studio June 6-9

6 June, 2023 - Oslo, Norway - Oslo city center will be the focal point of an exciting audio experience from June 6th to 9th as Podimo hosts a live podcast festival. This event will provide both podcast enthusiasts and passersby with the opportunity to witness some of the country's most popular podcast personalities and well-known guests in a truly unique setting.

Throughout the festival, various renowned podcast hosts will record their episodes inside a glass box located outside Oslo Central Station. Passersbys will have the chance to see and listen to the likes of Iselin Guttormsen, Henrik Thodesen, Jannecke Weeden, Anita Khron Traaseth, Peder Kjøs, Kathrine Sørland, and more, all contributing to a memorable experience for visitors and passersby alike.

"We are thrilled to organize such a live podcast festival. This is a unique opportunity to bring the podcast format closer to the audience and provide an authentic experience of the production process," says Marte Aarland Nyhus, marketing manager at Podimo. Furthermore, Aarland Nyhus states that they aim to engage people in a new and innovative way while also increasing awareness of audio content.

Through the Live Podcast Festival, Podimo seeks to spread enthusiasm for podcasts and audiobooks and showcase the diversity and quality of audio content. The festival offers a fantastic opportunity to be inspired and entertained by some of the country's leading voices in the podcast industry.


About the concept: 

Clear Channel salesman Jens Thomassen and Head of the Create department, Isabel D. Brodtkorb worked together with Dentsu and Podimo to create and conceptualise a live podcast studio event for Oslo's city center. "When customers dare to use the outdoors in innovative and creative ways, there are almost no limits to what we can achieve together," says Brodtkorb.

About Podimo:

Podimo is a premium audio entertainment platform that offers original and exclusive commercial-free podcasts, an extensive collection of audiobooks, as well as your favorite podcasts from around the world via RSS feeds, all at an affordable price. Podimo delivers personalized content, new discovery features, in-app video and intuitive design to listeners of both openly available and exclusive content. As a full-service production house, Podimo amplifies the important stories that deserve to be heard - through partnerships with Disney, iHeartMedia, Wondery and Paramount Network, among others. The app is currently available in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland and Mexico, and is available on iOS and Android, iPad, CarPlay - as well as on web player at podimo.no.

For more information, please contact Kristin Juliebø at kristin@slaeger.com.