Podimo Spain triples subscribers and quadruples its investment in content in the last 6 months

The podcast and audiobook platform consolidates itself in 2022 as one of the reference apps for audio entertainment content in our country after multiplying by four times the number of hours of listening so far this year.

Madrid, July 14, 2022 - Europe's leading audio entertainment platform celebrates its second anniversary since landing in Spain in June 2020. Since inception, Podimo Spain has announced that it has tripled the number of subscribers and quadrupled the number of listening hours during the first half of the year. "After a first year and a half in which we have been settling in Spain, with a pandemic in between, 2022 has been the year in which we have put all the meat on the grill, betting on both great figures and young talent to bring our listeners the best content in Spanish", says Juan Galiardo, Country Manager of Podimo in Spain since last March.

The app and audiobook platform has announced that this first half of the year it has quadrupled its investment in new content for the Spanish market compared to the last 6 months of 2021. Thus, during this year, prestigious names such as Risto Mejide and Laura Escanes with the podcast Cariño, pero ¿qué dices?; Ana Milán and Sebastián Gallego with La Vida y Tal; Carmen Lomana and Miguel Lago with Té de Señoras; Elizabeth Duval with La Noria; Henar Álvarez and Moderna de Pueblo with Dos Rubias Muy Legales; or Ferran Adrià with Innovar es de Valientes, among others, have bet on Podimo.

"It was a tremendously enriching experience both preparing La Noria with Podimo and then sharing it with listeners, especially when you come across them and they tell you about the podcast, how much they like it. Everyone likes to talk, but there is something that changes when you talk in front of a microphone, and you are neither yourself nor your guest is the same, and what the podcast allows producing that effect is very interesting", says Elizabeth Duval about her experience recording the podcast La Noria. "We are very grateful to Podimo for funding this journalistic work and the excellent conditions in which we were able to travel. From the beginning we wanted to tell people's stories, personal interviews with both refugees and volunteers or members of the resistance, to know their stories. And Podimo trusted the project and allowed us to do it with good working conditions", says Carles Tamayo, creator of the podcasts En la Frontera and Disidencia Controlada.

Audiobooks for all tastes

Podimo has also invested heavily in the creation of audiobooks in Spanish, making available to its listeners a catalog of thousands of titles from Grupo Planeta, Saga Egmont or Word Audio Publishing, among others. These include the collection "Clásicos Podimo", audiobooks narrated by important figures in the world of entertainment such as Enrique Arce -El Corazón de las tinieblas-, Leonor Watling -Rebelión en la Granja- or Elena Rivera -El Libro de la Selva-; and the collection "Las que cuentan", which includes audiobooks narrated by their authors, such as the texts by Elizabeth Duval and Sabina Urraca with Madrid será la tumba and Soñó con la chica que robaba un caballo, respectively.

Podimo becomes the most downloaded streaming app in Spain

The Danish company has established itself in our country as one of the reference apps for audio entertainment content after becoming the third most downloaded entertainment app in the App Store during the first half of June, becoming the most popular streaming content app in Spain. In addition, the platform was awarded the Prize for Best Podcast of the Year in Latin America at the first edition of the Estación Podcast Ibero-American Festival thanks to the investigative journalism work carried out on femicides in Mexico in the podcast Olvidadas: las muertas de Juárez (Forgotten: the dead women of Juárez). It was also recognized with the Ondas Award for best narrative non-fiction podcast with Gal: El Triángulo, produced by El Cañonazo exclusively for Podimo. In this context of offering quality content, Podimo announced a few months ago two strategic collaboration agreements. One with PRISA Media, which aims to boost the joint leadership of both companies in the podcast industry in the Spanish-speaking world. This collaboration between the two companies includes a significant investment in the creation of new audio content exclusively for Podimo, as well as the joint development of new business models and the distribution of the group's free-to-air audio content without advertising on the platform or a bundle of joint services.

And, in addition, an agreement with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to identify and create opportunities for the podcast platform's intellectual property, formats and stories to be told outside of the audio space.

“One of our main objectives is to offer our listeners quality content. That is why we are so proud to have received such prestigious awards. The Award for Best Podcast of the Year in Latin America and the Ondas Award for Best Narrative Non-Fiction Podcast are a recognition of the great work being done by the team. In fact, GAL: El Triángulo is not only going to stay there but is also preparing a documentary to be released soon in audiovisual format”, says Galiardo.

Finally, it is important to note that the app has kept including new functionalities within the platform. Thus, it first began to offer video trailers of its new content and then moved on to video podcasts, podcasts that can not only be listened to, but also watched in streaming. Among the contents that already have this functionality available are La Vida y Tal, La Noria and La Red Room: Destino Turin.

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