Stream it! Podimo podcast service in the Netherlands as of today

More security for podcast makers and more quality for listeners

Amsterdam, April 15, 2022 - As of today, Podimo is available in the Netherlands. Europe's largest podcast subscription service collects the best national and international podcasts as well as audiobooks and rewards the creators. Subscribers will have exclusive access to the most popular podcasts in the Netherlands including ‘Man man man, the podcast’ by co-host Domien Verschuuren and the Zelfspodcast by Sander Schimmelpenninck & Jaap Reesema. In addition, thousands of audiobooks and popular international content, such as Murders in the North, can be listened to via the app. Podimo also produces its own podcasts. The Danish media company already operates in 21 other countries.

All your favorites in one place

Podimo's method is comparable to that of (video) streaming services. The platform operates partly on a subscription basis, with exclusive content available to subscribers starting at €4.99 per month. In addition, Podimo also offers free podcasts, which are also available on the open RSS. The offer consists of own productions and exclusive podcasts from well-known podcast makers. The exclusive podcasts are ad-free and cannot be listened to anywhere else. The genres vary from showbiz to crime, parenting, relationships, self-development and even history. In addition to audio, Podimo also has video podcasts: these are similar to talk shows, for example. Subscribers can therefore also ‘watch’ a podcast on their smartphone.

New formats

Major players in Dutch podcasts are switching to Podimo. In addition to Man Man and the already well-known Self-Podcast, new shows such as Geuze and Gorgels Grabbelen can now also be listened to exclusively via Podimo. Podimo's platform also makes it possible to bring other formats to the Netherlands, such as successful foreign narrative podcasts and true crime. In addition, you can expect more shows in this crime genre from local producers such as Moordcast by Dionne and Hendrik. These kinds of productions, like journalistic podcasts, were previously created less often because podcast makers were dependent on advertisers for income. Now, podcast makers get a monetary payment for every podcast listened to.

"Podimo is the ideal outcome for both creator and listener. I am really proud that Moordcast will be part of Podimo and to share the most bizarre things with the listeners there." - Dionne Slagter

More opportunities for podcast makers

The company, which is of Danish origin, offers podcast makers a professionalization boost: at the moment only a small proportion of makers earn money with their podcasts. Because they now have an earnings model that guarantees continuity, they can spend more time on podcast creation, which will in turn increase quality. In addition, they are no longer dependent on advertisers, which benefits their independence. Moreover, listeners now automatically support their favorite podcast: every time they play a podcast, its creators are rewarded.

"For me personally, the move to Podimo is a special one. When I made my first podcasts seventeen years ago, for a handful of listeners, I never dreamt that the medium would have gone through such developments by 2022. Listening to podcasts is starting to become increasingly common, like watching television series, and I'm widely proud of that. For "Man Man man, de podcast," it means we can make even more episodes. Thanks to Podimo, Instead of two seasons a year, we can start creating weekly shows all year round. We can't wait to talk about our week, life and each other and are eager to get started on this new adventure." - Domien Verschuuren, Man Man man, de podcast

Local partnerships

Podimo has been working tremendously hard behind the scenes in the Netherlands over the past few months. In March, the streaming service acquired the largest Dutch podcast publisher, Dag en Nacht Media. Together, they are now developing new podcast shows that will be available exclusively at Podimo. In addition, the platform entered into a partnership with Tonny Media in February. In addition to their own productions, this podcast producer will also create content that can be listened to exclusively on Podimo. The media company has also announced today that they will join forces with VBK, one of the market leaders in the general book market, to create original audio content and offer a wide selection of audiobooks. Podimo is expected to add dozens of new shows to its selection in the near future. The service expects no shortage of listeners: the podcast market is growing by about 30% each year.

Global player

Podimo, based in Denmark, is a global establishment with over 160 employees. The Danish company is already active in Denmark, Spain, Germany, Norway and Latin America. Following the launch in the Netherlands, Podimo will focus on further international expansion.

A selection of the podcasts

As of today, the new episodes of the following podcasts are exclusively available on Podimo in the Netherlands:


Friends Jaap Reesema and Sander Schimmelpenninck discuss their lives and their outlook on life every week with plenty of weekly format elements, such as hopeless business ideas.

Zelfspodcast - new extra show!

Each episode has an in-depth interview with an expert based on that episode’s topic - or someone personally related to it.

Geuze & Gorgels Grabbelen - new extra show!

In their new show, Monica and Kaj cover, alternately, one of the following topics: Let's get personal (a deep dive into their personal lives), From the old days (reminiscing), Behind the scenes (highlights from their glamorous lives) or Eavesdropping (listening in on personal dates). The original show "Geuze & Gorgels" will still be available on open RSS.

Traanjagers - new show!

Actress Anna Drijver and historian Anne-Goaitske Breteler are endlessly fascinated by the adventures of whalers. In Traanjagers, the last Dutch whaling spectators tell about their adventurous but also dangerous expeditions.Traanjagers will be available exclusively on Podimo (also for free users of the app).


In this true crime podcast, Dionne Slagter walks you through several mysterious murder cases.

Together with her sidekick, her brother Henrik, they dive into true crime stories.

Moorden in het Noorden

Murders in the North is a translation of the Danish podcast Mord i Nord. This podcast features a collection of extremely grim murders described by writer, radio play and podcast creator Hanneke Hendrix.

De Willem

What once started out as a weekly update on the Holleeder trial, the Willem podcast has grown into a national true crime discussion platform in the Netherlands.

Mr. Big

Journalist Mark Schrader and journalist & podcast maker Lieke Malcorps dive into a long-running and bizarre murder case.


A podcast about media, culture, technology and entrepreneurship. With Alexander Klöpping and Ernst-Jan Pfauth.

Man man man, de podcast

Bas, Chris and Domien continue with Man Man Man in slightly modified form. The men have entered the next phase of their lives and take the listener with them; they discuss the week, the previous week and the next. And each other.

Marc Marie & Aaf vinden nog eens iets - new extra show!

Marc-Marie & Aaf discuss various articles about national, international or showbiz news. Often the conversation constantly jumps from one topic to another, resulting in many fascinating and personal anecdotes. The original show "Marc-Marie & Aaf Find Something" will still be available on the open RSS.

Price & availability

The Podimo app will be available to download from 15 April onward in the app store. Until May 31st, you can enjoy a 90-day trial subscription (30 days thereafter), which can be canceled monthly. The app is also available in Belgium (Dutch).

  • Premium - unlimited podcast listening and 10 hours of audiobooks for €4.99 per month/39.99 per year

  • Premium PLUS - unlimited podcasts and audiobooks for €9.99 per month/€79.99 per pair

About Podimo

Podimo is a premium audio entertainment subscription service that offers original and exclusive podcasts ad-free, an extensive collection of audiobooks, plus your favorite podcasts from around the world via RSS feeds. Podimo supports storytellers directly through a user-centric revenue share model, distributing subscription fees shared directly to the creators of the content listeners engage with each month. As a full service content production house, Podimo is committed to amplifying the important stories that need to be heard - through the funding of independent investigative journalism, partnerships with Disney, iHeartMedia, Wondery, Paramount Network España, influential voices like bestselling crime authors Jo Nesbø and Sebastian Fitzek, and more. With a dedicated focus on local language content, Podimo is currently available in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Spain, Latin America and the Netherlands and expanding to more countries this year.