Tortoise Media and Podimo Launch Multi-Show Partnership, Starting with ‘The News Meeting’ Podcast

London, UK - 25th November - Tortoise Media is delighted to announce a multi-show partnership with Copenhagen-founded audio entertainment platform and production studio Podimo, starting with the launch today of a new weekly podcast, The News Meeting.

The partnership between Tortoise Media and Podimo will consist of the podcast production teams working together on developing a range of always on and narrative limited series to launch throughout the next year. 

The News Meeting will spotlight three influential voices from the world of news who examine the biggest headlines from the past seven days and make their case for the story they think mattered most. At the helm is Tortoise’s founder and editor James Harding, who will ultimately decide on the running order. 

The podcast will be available to listen to wherever you get your podcasts.

The first episode can be listened to here.

Tortoise Media’s co-founder and editor James Harding said: “People say a newsroom is an argument on the way to a deadline. In all the newsrooms I’ve worked in, that argument has happened behind closed doors. So, who decides what leads the news? And why? For what reasons do we decide this is the ‘top story’?  And why do others slip down the newslist? The News Meeting opens up the newsroom to you. 

“We – Tortoise and Podimo – hope you'll find it lifts the lid on how journalists think and work; and we hope that it'll make sense of what’s happening in the world; and I hope it'll give you a sense of how endlessly interesting, challenging and, yes, enjoyable it is to work in the news.”

Podimo’s Global Head of Studios Jake Chudnow, said: “Tortoise has a lot of fans here at Podimo. We love that their shows both inform and entertain listeners, and we look forward to collaborating with their talented team in London. We also share a mutual interest in proving the value of podcasts to those listeners through subscription. We’ve seen great success across Europe, and I’m confident we'll be able to continue that success with Tortoise in the UK.”

About Podimo: Podimo is a premium audio entertainment subscription service that offers original and exclusive ad-free podcasts, an extensive collection of audiobooks, plus podcasts from around the world via RSS feeds. The Copenhagen-founded platform shares revenue with all creators - whether they are exclusive or on the open RSS - and features smart curation, intuitive design, better discoverability, and in-app video. As a global production studio, Podimo creates original content that can travel and amplifies the voices of creators from around the world. Previous Podimo UK productions include “The Missing” with Pandora Sykes, “You Don’t Know Me,” with Chloe Combi, and “Letters From A Killer” with Sky Studios’ Transistor Films. The app is currently available in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Finland, and across Latin America, and is expanding to more countries soon.

About Tortoise: Tortoise Media is an audio-first investigative newsroom based in London. Launched in 2019, as the name suggests, Tortoise focuses on slow news. Our journalism looks at stories that analyse what’s driving the news, not breaking it. Our current daily and weekly podcasts include the Slow Newscast, a weekly investigative show focusing on the stories that matter to the UK and around the world, and the daily Sensemaker podcast which looks at one story, each day to make sense of the world. Tortoise has also produced global hit investigative narrative series, such as Sweet Bobby, Hoaxed, and Londongrad. Alongside its audio offering, Tortoise’s newsroom produces its daily Sensemaker newsletter as well as weekly specialist newsletters focusing on Climate, Tech, Culture and Sport. It also hosts live events inside its newsroom, called ThinkIns – live and unscripted conversations held in the newsroom to discuss and investigate the stories that matter alongside expert guests.

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