Pervert Jeffrey Epstein A Constant Thorn in the Bill and Melinda Gates Marriage

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Pervert Jeffrey Epstein A Constant Thorn in the Bill and Melinda Gates Marriage

It’s starting to sound like in every billionaire’s marriage, there is a Jeffrey Epstein. To date, we’ve heard about hedge fund billionaire philanthropists Eva and Glenn Dubin and their relationship woes over the dead pedophile. We’d also like to bet the wife of former Apollo Financial boss Leon Black is also sick of hearing about Epstein too. But it has suddenly gone next level: Bill Gates, the world's richest man and esteemed philanthropist, was secretly meeting with the serial sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, from 2011-2014. The news that Bill and Melinda Gates are now ending their 27-year marriage has unleashed a torrent of reports that Epstein was an omnipresent thorn in the billionaires’ relationship. Bill Gates met with Jeffrey Epstein dozens of times, which is a strange thing to do if you're in search for good marriage advice. The Microsoft founder even took counsel from a man with sexually explicit photos of underage girls on his computers, in photo frames and on video. According to The Daily Beast, Gates was very intrigued by the atmosphere that he found at Epstein's Manhattan lair and enjoyed spending time there when his marriage wasn't going so well. The news of Gates taking marriage advice from disgraced pedophile Epstein is shocking enough- but it gets even worse when one takes into account how close they were during their meetings which often involved discussing family life. Order one of Lisa’s fabulous Stars Above Bradford pins here or at: [] The Prince and the Pervert Podcast helps you make sense of the Jeffrey Epstein case. No outlandish theories here. We stick to the facts and vet our sources of information. Support us for just $3-a-month on Patreon. Find us - Twitter: @lisapodcasts and @ohreallytruly. Visit us at Facebook at the Prince and the Pervert Podcast Instagram @theprinceandpervert Website []

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