Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his Polish Model conconspirator Adriana Ross

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Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his Polish Model conconspirator Adriana Ross

Jeffrey Epstein was one of America’s most powerful men. Adriana Ross was a former model from Poland. Together, they were both accused of recruiting young girls for sex trafficking. Ross has been hiding in plain sight in Miami, Florida, this entire time. She was one of the conconspirators who helped recruit young girls for Epstein and was listed on the controversial 2008 plea deal. She started working for Jeffrey Epstein in 2002 and was charged with recruiting young girls for his sex slave ring. As well, she was also the one to hide some of his incriminating evidence from law enforcement, according to statements to police. When police raided Epstein’s Palm Beach home, they found signs of computers but Adriana, according to Epstein staff, managed to get them out of the house before authorities arrived. The last sighting of her was in 2019 when she fled the media in tears outside a church in Miami. So who is she? Plus: More documents made public in US v Ghislaine Maxwell A real housewife’s social media brawl about Ghislaine More analysis of the Maxwell family’s Twitter account The Prince and the Pervert Podcast  helps you make sense of the Jeffrey Epstein case. No outlandish theories here. We stick to the facts and vet our sources of information. Support us for just $3-a-month on Patreon. []

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