The Infectious Myth - The Infectious Myth - Why Measles?
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58M • 12/2 2019

The Infectious Myth - Why Measles?

David has been investigating measles. He cannot solve the mystery of who is behind the strenuous effort to turn measles from a benign childhood illness into a deadly killer, but he can guess that it has dollar signs attached to it. What David can do is discuss some of the facts about measles statistics, which are quite surprising. Which is that 97% of the death rate from measles disappeared by 1962, the last year without a vaccine. Until recently even David didn’t know that Canada simply stopped counting measles cases in the late 1950s, presumably because it was considered so insignificant, and didn’t start again until 1968, the year when the measles vaccine still in use today, was first used. He ends with the mystery of the mystery man trying to remain anonymous behind the @VaccineUK account.    For more information, and to see the historical graphs David was able to find, see

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