It's Electric! The Electric Car Show with Afeez Kay - IE077 Legalization, Registration, Insurance, Oh My!
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57M • 13/5 2019

IE077 Legalization, Registration, Insurance, Oh My!

Michael, Nero and Andrew join Afeez on today’s episode of It’s Electric! Today’s topic? Should electric rideables be legalized, insured and registered? The guys have different points of view, and being up a ton of valid points both for and against registration, safety, and certifications! They also discuss their own circumstances, and uses for their rideables, and which way they think policy makers should go their decision making process. Should there be age limits? Should there be inspections? Should you be required to obtain a license? Listen in as they create their own policies right here on air, and find out which one of these fine gentlemen have been stopped by the police for riding their electric scooter!   EV Man’s perspective on whether or not they should be legal, insured and registered. Nero’s point of view on the subject of legalization and registration. Michael talks about multilevel certification and his views on legalization Afeez shares his own perspective on each topic and what he feels ridiculous about the entire thing   “Anything with a motor by its definition is a motor vehicle according to the government” “We can’t rely on common sense or parenting” “There’s a difference between an electric unicycle and a scooter”   More Rideables   Want more Afeez?   Instagram YouTube Twitter   Interested in testing out an electric vehicle?

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