It's Electric! The Electric Car Show with Afeez Kay - Electric Unicycles, An Honest Review with Tishawn Fahie
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1T 1M • 17/0 2019

Electric Unicycles, An Honest Review with Tishawn Fahie

Take a plunge into the fascinating world of electric vehicles with the very passionate host Afeez Kay and his guest Tishawn Fahie in part two of last week’s conversation. Tishawn is hugely knowledgeable and has happily done the legwork testing out all different types of electric vehicles from electric unicycles (EUC) to skateboards and beyond! Luckily he takes all of this knowledge and shares it with us!   In This Episode   Afeez and Tishawn discuss the top names in the EUC world, in order, and give the reasons for their rankings--both pros and cons for each. Gotway Great speed, available range on charge, excellent programming // Terrible app, quality control is subpar King Song Large battery, comfortable, good balance, intuitive design, dual USB ports, must unlock speed with certain mileage experience Inmotion Good engineering, well-made app // took 3-4 months for delivery, beautiful construction, lower speed, talks to rider (“You fell” or “Be careful”) inability to lower  volume’ Ninebot Well respected household name that paved the way for the others Immense attention to detail and safety, easy to maintain, flawless app, modular, stylish, good software // unit is heavy with no logistical reason, no innertube in the tire, speed and range significantly lower than the others Early EUC’s, falling off and face planting when trying new firmware. Electric vehicle companies are the future and they must be consisted/tested because they are holding people’s lives just like standard cars do.   “Respect the beep.” “Ride within your limits. You don’t have nothin’ to prove.” “31mph is the perfect speed” “You gotta figure it out, but once you figure it out, it’s a dream”   More Afeez! Instagram Youtube Twitter   Rent a Tesla!

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