It's Electric! The Electric Car Show with Afeez Kay - Oceans to Energy with Bill Smith
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33M • 28/2 2019

Oceans to Energy with Bill Smith

Welcome to the It’s Electric podcast hosted by the passionate Afeez Kay. During this weekly podcast Afeez shares information on a myriad of different electric vehicles, makes, models, and brands. He often features guests who share his enthusiasm for the electric vehicle and clean energy industries. This show is for all knowledge levels and in as informative as it is entertaining. In this episode, Afeez welcomes Bill Smith to speak about his project Oceans to Energy. Bill describes Oceans to Energy as using plasma gasifiers and plastics to fuel technologies mounted on ocean-going barges to clean up the world’s oceans.   2003 searching for a way to transform waste into energy Hurricane Katrina - getting back on the grid Fischer Tropsch How Germany fought in the war Came to the US in 1940s but never picked up steam Has begun springing up in small pockets Plasma Gasification 2005 the level at which energy could be transformed was nowhere near what was needed (tons) a Not yet globally accepted/marketed 2017 dealt in different energy fields // meetings Call with Christian Juvan Company that built plasma gasifiers that took in 20 tons of waste per day Broken down from molecules to atoms Recombine atoms to create sim gas Land Based model Oceanbased model Ocean pollution stats 9 trillion pieces of trash in the oceans 1.5 million pounds of trash in the ocean per hour Able to help during natural disasters By Product Diesel fuel Sim gas/natural gas   “Are you creating pollution to clean up pollution?” “Plastic is fuel.” “It’s in essence a mini refinery.” “It’s not always about dollar and cents. It’s about doing what’s right.” “The problem doesn't go away. It’s deferred.” “Could power cities from garbage.” “Developing countries could greatly benefit from a product like this.”   Want more Afeez? Instagram Youtube Twitter   Interested in testing out an electric vehicle? Rent a Tesla   Want more info on Bill and Oceans to Energy? Bill's Facebook Profile Oceans to Energy Facebook Page Oceans to Energy Website ergy bills facebook profile ocean to energy facebook profile oceans to energy

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