It's Electric! The Electric Car Show with Afeez Kay - Recircle Recycling with Aldous Hicks
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35M • 14/2 2019

Recircle Recycling with Aldous Hicks

Welcome to the It’s Electric podcast hosted by Afeez Kay. Each week Afeez features an amazing guest and discusses with them clean energy and electric vehicles. One of the amazing things about the It’s Electric show is that it doesn’t matter if you’re new to electric vehicles or if you’ve been involved with the scene for years. The conversational tone doesn’t turn anyone away. Afeez and his guests often discuss different brands, makes, and models of vehicles as well as the pros and cons for each. You can rest assured if you’re getting an opinion from Afeez, it’s not based on one or two rides. In this episode, Afeez speaks with Aldous Hicks, C.E.O and founder of ReCircle Recycle and their marketer/communications liaison Stuart Chater. What is ReCircle Recycling? Develop closed-loop recycling Indicates the a product can be recycled back into itself  (see example below) Plastic bottle, can be recycled all the way back into a new bottle Same as many other recycled materials Open-loop recycling Indicates the item can be recycled into different types of products Plastic bottle turned into plastic tubing Benefit from recycling Knowing you’re doing the right thing Financial benefit Change the value we put on different products Recycling bins broken down very specifically - checked by sensors for purity Clear plastics Cloudy plastics Glass Aluminium Sustainability Financially/financial savings environmentally/energy An appliance for your kitchen About the size of  dishwasher Top and bottom drawer Top - bay for PET HTP Plastics Green glass Brown  glass Clear glass Metal cans Steel cans Simple product to use Appliance has been patented Incentive   “If you can produce recyclable products in your kitchen, we are starting a viable business.” “We have a detailed plan to develop a prototype.” “This concept is not readily accepted by the mainstream.” “There is an incredible lack of knowledge around recycling.”   Want more Afeez? Instagram Youtube Twitter   Interesting in testing out an electric vehicle? Rent a Tesla

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